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  1. I got it for the looks alone but the animations are awesome and made it even more worth it. I use her agile on a few frames.
  2. It's not just "irrelevant little stat boosts" though, is it? They also come with additional polarities which makes it easier to build them and they come with a sweet prime skin. Those stat boosts are just icing. They are superior to their original counterparts in every way. When do you ever see anyone using the original frame over the prime variant unless they're either new or using it for mastery fodder?
  3. If they're using the same system then they need to reduce how much murmur you need. It got really slow on the third level when farming Kuva Weapons. I would also like to actually see whether it has an ephemera much like how it shows you the icon of what weapon the lich will have.
  4. My favourite sigil is probably the Banshee Soprana sigil because it looks cool and has an awesome pulsating effect. Chest piece? Idk. One that still allows you to see the actual sigil I guess. I'm currently really digging the one we just got from the GOTL.
  5. My bets for the rest of the year: 25th May: Gara Prime Mid - Late June: Sisters of Parvos + Yareli July 17: Tennocon Mid - Late August: Nidus Prime September: probably some other smaller update with new frame and maybe a rework of an older frame October: halloween update Mid - Late November: Harrow Prime December: Rudolph the red nosed reindeer deluxe skin for Oberon and a teaser for Mag Umbra in Sacrifice part 2 releasing in mid 2022.
  6. They can keep putting new frames in RJ all they want and I'm just gonna keep buying them with plat. I've farmed for frames that some would consider a PITA. Gauss, Nidus, Mesa, Equinox, Harrow, khora, bounty frames, all primes including all of the mats to build those frames like when I once spent 2 weeks getting Nitain for Vauban Prime before nightwave was a thing. Done it all. I'm not opposed to a grind, I just dislike the Railjack game mode and that's fine. Not everyone has to like the same stuff. I play WF for the, well, Warframes. I like the bread and butter "boots on the ground" gameplay of frames with weapons and abilities. Some game modes I prefer over others but I like the variety because it gives different frames a chance to shine. If I wanted to play a game with space combat I wouldn't play WF that's for sure. I think the biggest reason why Archwing/Sharkwing and Railjack have largely been failures is because most people like Warframe for what it is and that being the boots on the ground gameplay with different mission types. They are definitely trying to improve RJ and who knows, maybe I'll actually enjoy it one day but I'm not counting on it to be honest. I still never touch Archwing. And as far as frames go, I hope Sevagoth is the last one we see as an exclusive RJ frame. They only ever did Atlas for Archwing and they said they've got a new method for acquiring Yareli so who knows. Maybe I'll save some plat.
  7. Why? Because it's not Kuva Nukor? Akstilleto is easily an A tier weapon and one of the better secondaries in the game. Definitely top 10 for secondaries IMO. I hate this idea that if a weapon isn't THE best of the best GOTY GOAT or top 3 then it's not worth it. 400p is an absolute scam for sure but it's still worth buying at a reasonable price considering it's probably not going to be unvaulted for a while.
  8. Could she do with some tweaks? Yes. But she's not in need of it the most. Chroma and Inaros and maybe Hydroid all need it much more than her. Her 1 is only good for the memes. I will admit that this could do with a buff or a change. Her 2 is incredible Her 3 is good CC. What is wrong with deafening all enemies in range to open them up for kills? It's a nice get out of jail free card if you're in trouble and is good for stealth. Range and duration with this ability is great. You can just go around bopping enemies and they can't really do anything about it. Her 4 is weak in high end content and needs a buff or a rework but lol at it being "the worst ultimate ability". At least it is still good for clearing waves at Hydron and Helene with Resonating Quake. If you want to see an ability that is even more useless than SQ then look no further than Inaros' sandnado that not only drains energy at an incredible rate but is straight up counterintuitive. All that is doing is making it slower for you or allies to kill enemies by throwing them around. At least RSQ can kill everything on the map when farming XP similar to discharge (again, it just falls off at higher levels). I'm not saying that she isn't without problems. She is pretty fragile and can die easily at end game if you're not moving around a lot so she's not a brain dead frame in that regard. Her 1 needs changing or tweaking and her 4 needs a buff but her 2 and 3 are fine IMO and she's much more fun to play than Chroma and Inaros even though they have more survivability.
  9. Ash, Wisp, Ember, Gauss, Protea, Volt, Vauban, Banshee, Mag, Atlas, Xaku, Sevagoth, Lavos, Mirage, Nezha, Yareli, Equinox, Gara and Saryn. The nuke frames listed here are all much more fun when you don't spam their nuke. Equinox has plenty of good builds, Saryn's decay meter is fun to balance, Ember's meter is fun to balance and her other abilities are good, Gara is good for defense and has a lot of survivability and good damage outside of her nuke, Banshee is so much more than Sound Quake, Volt has a few good builds outside of spamming discharge like super speed, shield tank, CC with his 1 ect and ofc you have his 4 for when things are looking grim and it's always satisfying to use.
  10. It's not really an S tier must have mod though is it? If I recall correctly it only counted as one resevoir in the stream but it just had to be tweaked by the fun police and now it counts as three so you can still only put two down. All it does is reduce energy cost (which really isn't that big an issue with wisp anyway since your resevoirs stay there and the only other abilities you would be using is maybe 4 for trash clear or the occasional 3, I've never run out of energy with Wisp) and it goes in the exilus slot but even then I'd rather take another mod in that slot. As for the best augment? Well. Calm & Frenzy, Duality, Peaceful Provocation, Resonance, Resonating Quake, Capacitance, Rising Storm, Seeking Shuriken, Fatal Teleport, Shield of Shadows, Despoil, Path of Statues, Chromatic Blade, Pilfering Swarm, Irradiating Disarm, Hall of Malevolence, Safeguard, Reaping Chakram Eternal War and probably a bunch more I'm forgetting are all better IMO. Fused resevoir is just some nice QoL if you like throwing down resevoirs frequently. I don't because two sets are usually enough for modes/maps that I play on and the duration is generous. Honestly, all the new augments are pretty disapointing. Wisp's could have been great but, again, was ruined by the fun police, Protea's is pretty boring and is just a bandaid and the other two aren't blowing my socks off either.
  11. His kit feels a bit outdated compared to some of the newer frames (like a lot of old frames tbh) but he's not bad. I hate this notion that if a frame can't wipe the map in under 2 seconds then they're instantly useless. He could do with some tweaking but he's not in dire need of a massive rework like Wukong and Vauban were. He's still one of the better OG frames IMO.
  12. Akjagara, Akstiletto, aksomati are the top 3. Akarius is pretty decent as well but isn't talked about as much as it's older brother Acceltra for obvious reasons.
  13. Saryn, Mesa, Volt, Gara and Equinox are the top 5 I would say. Ember is up there as well. Can't believe hardly anyone mentioned Gara. 1. Pop mass vitrify 2. Throw 1 at glass wall 3. Profit. Screen full of numbers and top kills effortlessly. Easily up there in the pantheon of AoE gods.
  14. Primaries: Sybaris Prime/Dex, Battacor, Astilla, Zhuge Prime, Synoid Simulor, Sobek, Nagantaka Secondaries: Hikou Prime, Lex/Aklex Prime, Akarius Melee: Tatsu, Quassus, Ninkondi Prime, Scindo Prime, Fang Prime, Volnus, Dex Dakra, Silva & Aegis
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