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  1. As the title says, even though exit is still bound to start when you leave, if you change bindings at all when you next use it you will be unable to exit.
  2. It's really rough cause I had to do a lot of extra with to make the pieces fit (scaling was a nightmare to get consistent...) but here's the first successful assembled tiny revenant figure inspired by those comics by I think they go Dylki? https://imgur.com/a/5nRFsKo Images won't embed for me, I hate this site sometimes....
  3. Some weapons have this already, mostly corpus ones. Like the quanta originally being for breaking down mineral deposits our something like that.
  4. Don't hate the frame, hate the player. Excalibur can be a lifesaver in some situations, but he can also be used for general nuking and the like.it's all how you choose to use him.
  5. No, primes are the original Orokin models. Nova had been of Orokin origin for a while, they retconned her whole tenno council bit like a month after she was released.
  6. Lol my friend had a similar occurrence with the Stalker the other day. Played for over 6 months, got probably 30+ marks, not one encounter. Then it comes the other night during a dark sector and he just freaks out and dies in like two seconds! XD
  7. Added two to the OP, if you want more I can oblige later tonight! Pretty much this, I wanted him cause I wanted a badass version of Excalibur, and now I got one! (I have the proto-skin but it's not my favorite)
  8. It's even better when you have the full set :D the best part it's if you use shades of yellow it makes it have a green-ish glow instead, and if you use black, it turns a sweet dark metallic blue!
  9. So after getting a forced extraction for the millionth time, I tried to think of how exactly could they make it better so that people aren't basically pulled out at random with a mission fail and no rewards. First, add a clear indication you've left the area. This is something most games that have open areas do things, when you stray to far, a massive warning/countdown appears on screen to show how long until death/failure, with a 5/10 second count. Because a simple little message from Ordis or Lotus is not enough. Second, when outside the bounds, make a red wall showing where exactly the bo
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