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  1. As the title says, even though exit is still bound to start when you leave, if you change bindings at all when you next use it you will be unable to exit.
  2. It's really rough cause I had to do a lot of extra with to make the pieces fit (scaling was a nightmare to get consistent...) but here's the first successful assembled tiny revenant figure inspired by those comics by I think they go Dylki? https://imgur.com/a/5nRFsKo Images won't embed for me, I hate this site sometimes....
  3. After playing and spending over 150 on the atrocity that is ghosts, you'd be praising DE too.
  4. It's sad because this is only the first thing. Rhino prime access being short 1675 platinum, no legendary cores, the massive disappointment of an exclusive accessory, the severe lack of them at all when pc has a mile long list... and so on. I love DE, and I think they're a great company, but they need to focus on righting the wrongs that plague our community, instead of just throwing every bit of effort into their golden child. We're the starving little step child who gets their step bothers scraps.
  5. This is exactly what I mean, rude and immature. Acting like just because you have a little money to them you're automatically better than every other player, and that without your money this game would have went nowhere. This game may have taken if a little slower, but I gave no doubt it would still be a success without people like you. Nobody cares about the title, the badges, or any of that. What we do care about, is having a frame that is completely unobtainable, and stopped being sold two weeks before the PS4 version launched. PS4 players have been shorted in a lot of areas, and this righ
  6. It's been ok for me, one egg every other day about. Gotten about 4 total since the update.
  7. I know what you mean, and I don't know if it's just the rude ones are more vocal, or that's how the majority are, but it's sad to see the people who should be among the most respected members of this community reduces to a bunch of little brats.
  8. To this entire thread thinking they have any argument that makes it ok to release founder packs again .... This is another example of a person who gives founders a bad name, and should have their title and everything else wiped from their account. This kind of behavior is just unacceptable, and coming from a person who, in a community where there isn't really ranks between players besides moderators, founders, and normal players, is acting more rude and immature than a kid is just pathetic and sad.
  9. Honestly I think if any founders sued DE over this, they never deserved to be called a founder in the first place, since they obviously don't care that they're basically forcing the game to shut down because they couldn't keep their shiny toy all to themselves. The fact that the game is a massive success, and that they helped make it happen should be enough, that and they still get the badges titles and design council access.
  10. Vandal items are Tenno altered versions of corpus items. Valkyr is not a corpus frame, her abilities came from her anger at what had been done to her, not because of the restraints that were attached. Also, last I checked no frame has a helmet even remotely similar to what's left of hers, so none of the frames we have now are her. DE wouldn't pull that on us, they'd make sure we knew "this is what she looked like before Alad V captured her"
  11. What this guy said. Valkyr will have a prime, which will probably be the most changed out of all primed frames. It will be her pre-capture look, possibly with new skills to accompany it, since her current abilities stem from what Alad V did to her.
  12. No, because what he said implies that Vauban is some sort of benchmark for likelihood of becoming a prime. Rebecca says that statement is completely false and that any frame can be at any time.
  13. http://i.imgur.com/UPMydGL.jpg There's the picture that I was talking about.
  14. No, there's a picture of her exact words in a thread about whether trinity or Nyx is next. She said herself that any frame can be at any time. There's no guarantee that any before or after will be, not just after.
  15. You're actually incorrect, there was a thread like two weeks or so ago, where someone posted a quote from Rebecca stating that any frame can be primed at any time, and that older ones are just a little more likely.
  16. It was because PSN got shut down for a day due to some wannabe anonymous losers who decided to DDOS psn blizzard and some others.
  17. DE gave every person with active boosters platinum as compensation, it wasn't glitched or falsely obtained.
  18. I know, I spent 125 platinum on slots, eggs, and rushing power cores... worth it!
  19. Thanks to the booster compensation from yesterday's DDoS attack, I got enough platinum to get another couple Kubrows. After a bunch of interesting odd ones, I got my new favorite! A red Raksa, male, grey stripes, and a half bloom lotus mark! I'm very happy and thankful for my new pup! :D
  20. This makes me sad... This and the launchers/snipers update are gonna take so long to get to us T-T
  21. Ok, they makes sense, I was thinking it was 80 per booster!
  22. I only got 60 for each of mine... nice nonetheless but would like to have gotten the full 80
  23. This is infuriating, and that means this is the worst one I've gotten yet! Freaking grey Sunika with slightly lighter grey patches! As far as I could see no head design either! At least the others had good patterns!
  24. Well it's technically still in incubation, so I want sure if they used a plain one until the incubation stage was over... If this is true I'm gonna cry, I'm sick of these grey kubrow T-T
  25. So I put an egg into incubation, and after the first day, I noticed the egg had hatched, and they're was a plain grey kubrow laying next to the egg shell. Is it just a placeholder, or did I just get my 4th gray in a row?
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