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  1. Really hope this is a hotfixable thing, this is enough to make me outright stop playing until it's fixed.
  2. As you can see in this Example it just sits way too far out, the pegs barely attach to the body and make it look floaty
  3. I've heard before that people that use alt accounts get banned and I just want to know if that's true or not?
  4. I remember them saying a big reason behind changing the ui was to make it quicker and easier for consoles to get updates, yet since then updates haven't been any faster in the slightest. It's been nearly a month now and nothing new while pc has gotten tennogen round 13, revenant, and a new event. I'm fine with the wait normally, but when they flat out told us that this new ui would make it faster and easier for us to get content, and then not deliver is frustrating.
  5. I know the exact attack you're talking about. I'll give you a little explanation. Hydro will slam his arm down, it'll send shockwaves out like the others, but they'll make giant green bubbles all over. Those are the explosions that are killing you. They'll reach a certain size and stay like that for a few seconds before going off. If your harrow isn't protecting you during that, then you need a better narrow, or go into void mode before they go off. As for archwing, yeah no go on operator, but if you have good teammates you can stay on it the whole time without a care if you use amesha. Amesha
  6. Except I have you multiple solutions to your problem. Sounds like you just want to complain until maybe DE just caves and makes them even easier than they already are.
  7. It's simple really, play harrow or use an amesha if your squad can't handle a basic mechanic. And if you're the only one affected, then the second you see him slam his arm down wait about 5 seconds then go into void mode until the explosion happens. OR, you can coordinate with your team and shoot the big green bubbles that make the explosions and make them not explode altogether. It's not rocket science, it's not unfair, it's not hard, you just need to learn how to play.
  8. Theres a spot along the coast on the east (if cetus is north) where the bait just falls through the map as if there's nothing there. I've wasted a lot trying to see if they still work or not, but they don't, they just are gone.
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