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  1. I hope baro will have something good I hope it isnt expensive lol
  2. I have an idea for an intrinstics! So I was thinking that it would be nice for an intrinstic usage for a "gathering" or "explorer" skill. They would be upgraded for upgrading the chance of getting rarer items from ice mines, abandoned derelicts, drops from enemies (like the ship enemies not the enemies in the ship), ect. ... I hope no one already said this already lol.
  3. There is so many things about AI I dont even know about yet lol
  4. Glaives with Umbra's AI arent really good, since Umbra never throws them (as far as i know). It would be actually helpfull it Umbra's AI would throw the glaive while in battle to actually help the operator, instead of trying to be a tank bullets just to get 1 hit with a melee, even though the Umbra's AI could just throw it and not just get obliterated. I hope DE and everyone can consider this useful. ... (Hopefully this hasn't been given for feedback from someone else)
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