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  1. Ever since this update, I have had major performance issues when fighting Profit Taker. Anywhere else on the Vallis is fine, but when I look at the PT during its fight, I can barely move my character. When I tried to use void dash, the delay between going into void mode then dashing was so long that I was actually out of void energy by the time it tried, so I just ended up jumping. Again, before this update, it was fine, and everywhere else still is, it is not a problem with my computer, just the profit taker fight.
  2. Can confirm, resource drone icon disappears after 2 actions involving drones (retrieving/deploying). Can be fixed by leaving navigation and entering again.
  3. The actual map changes are one at a time, the lighting and rendering changes will be global. The other thing they did one at a time was PBR, but they've finished that overhaul.
  4. It's not focused on specific maps, this is an engine upgrade. It will affect all areas, to our knowledge.
  5. Any word on Derf Anyo? How is melee 3.0, and what is the new direction it is apparently going in? How are heists coming along? Did Scott survive after his interview with Potato?
  6. Any word on Anyo's rework? Will Derf Anyo make an appearance with Fortuna? Is there any possibility of making semi-auto dual pistols (e.g. Akbolto) easier to use, such as using duplex-auto?
  7. https://i.imgur.com/HdcHvbA.png Red text that I can't get to embed for some reason.
  8. With the introduction of Fortuna and K-Drives, is there any word on Derf Anyo?
  9. With Fortuna introducing the k-drives, is there any news on the introduction of Derf Anyo?
  10. Is there any word on an update to the login rewards system to allow for catching up? E.g. Counting up in mastery rank when behind by two or more milestones. Waiting years for primed shred and such doesn't sound that appealing.
  11. Is there potential for the ground vehicles on Venus to transition into something greater, e.g. personal ground vehicles ( jet bikes =D )? Is there any possible usability update for dual pistol weapons, such as making the semi-auto ones use duplex auto?
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