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  1. Any word on Derf Anyo? How is melee 3.0, and what is the new direction it is apparently going in? How are heists coming along? Did Scott survive after his interview with Potato?
  2. Any word on Anyo's rework? Will Derf Anyo make an appearance with Fortuna? Is there any possibility of making semi-auto dual pistols (e.g. Akbolto) easier to use, such as using duplex-auto?
  3. https://i.imgur.com/HdcHvbA.png Red text that I can't get to embed for some reason.
  4. With the introduction of Fortuna and K-Drives, is there any word on Derf Anyo?
  5. With Fortuna introducing the k-drives, is there any news on the introduction of Derf Anyo?
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