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  1. the worst part is that it would lend more towards promoting a sedentary playstyle to keep the buffs on you, you just need to find a nice corner, or hallway, throw the light out, and fire the lazor and thems the breaks. she'd just be a turret, functionally superior to revenant sure, but the only use we'd see here is being a big bright ball of annoyance at worst. And they specifically hated that sort of S#&$ with Saryn in how she used to work, except saryn could END MAPS, where as all wisp will be able to do is just eek out a small living in some dead end.
  2. god is that not just the truth... at the very least, as i stated earlier, if enough people grumble ATLEAST maybe something will change in her kit to not make her an ungodly mess... but lately DE seems to have this odd, horrifying trend of absolutely ignoring anything from players. i get sometimes somethings need to be ignored for progress to happen, but things like this, a closer eye on the community would be actually a good thing?
  3. god that sounds kinda fun. just her firing big sod off balls at enemies... honestly it would be neat if the balls did something similar to what Djinn does in making them come closer to the object... perhaps they get more damage the closer they are to it.
  4. some one needs to S#&$post that face on whisps face pronto. it must be done for the lols.
  5. It was less passive aggressive and outright aggressive and hostile and for that i do apologize but i think i saw you post the same thing in those other threads and honestly i do admit to losing my patience, and it just seems to feel of a defeatist attitude.Hostility isn't conducive to conversation, i know, and i apologize for my seething.that being said, honestly if enough noise is maybe DE will see and maybe, as it has happened in the past, make some changes that'll help her be far more fun.
  6. And there is no saying that we all can't have discussion on what we, the fans would honestly like to see from her seeing as she isn't pushed out yet, we could still open up dialogue, and until she's actually playable in the game, there is no harm in voice concern. we already know and see what they made her into, we just want them to consider that there are other options than what they did to her. maybe her buffs might be good, but that doesnt mean we cant offer alternatives or maybe get them to see that putting buffs down like that is not, and will never be fun, the quiver style made vauban cumbersome and loathesome to use for much of the playerbase, and having to physically pick up her buffs makes her just as awkward and annoying as Titania. You telling us what she is now, isn't helpful, it's being captain obvious, and no one outside of southpark likes a captain obvious. so please, sit down, and with us, have constructive conversation.
  7. do you have anything else to add other than trying to educate us on what she is now versus what honestly would have been, and what the community at large was hopefully expecting her to be and maybe allowing us constructive conversation that could HOPEFULLY push for an even compromise? there's no saying that whisp can't use portals or what ever to do what we were hoping her to do, but we do expect some quality and consistency in that her abilities should still fit a certain thematic. her flower pots should honestly be scrapped and maybe replaced with some kind of cc offensive ability, maybe fires a ball of plasma from a portal that on explosion, debuff/confuse and damage enemies, and unlike mirages discoball it doesnt do anything until explosion, and it doesn't bounce around, maybe make it move slowly? Seeing as whisps are sometimes believed to appear as balls of light, this would fit her theme and work with her abilities. perhaps make it slow moving and do to the enemies what Djinn does to them? her two is fine, her 3 on the other hand, should be a buff, maybe an intangibility buff since that could work with portals, or some other kind of buff, just something to bolster her survival. and finally her four, could still sorta work for a whisp, if they change it from the sun to the void, BUT the sun could still work, but it needs to hit harder than a truck because it is after all, the mother #*!%ing sun and it needs to be worth it.
  8. Juggling shouldnt even be considered a thing. Warframe is not a rule of cool kind of game. it's very core mechanics and how enemies behave and how levels are designed with very claustrophobic spaces, is seriously NOT indicative for such an attempt. If anything a slightly more serious ground based comboing system would be infinitely better, there are only a handful of tile sets not counting the plains or the vallis that make this idea of juggling even remotely entertaining. if they seriously want to do a better melee system, they should look at other games and NOT just devil may cry esque games. I would seriously recommend a melee system such as vindictus's if they really wanted a melee rework, so long as they drop the idea of trying to force this awkward flow between melee and gun. What is so difficult behind the idea of light melee attack three times followed by a smash for a beneficial, simple but effective and sometimes pretty sweet looking combo. I've heard say that they want slight directional inputs to determine combos which is already a thing with the foreward and back directional movements in some cases, i've heard they want air juggling, but i say we as players, need to actually put out feet down on this. The idea of simpler methods of putting in combos sounded and still sounds great, perhaps holding the smash would be block since it would bring the weapon up into position, get in nice and close, and you can just give the enemy a good ol' krump right to the face and it would feel SATISFYING. not leave us hanging in the air for god knows how long, being vulnerable to enemy hoards pouring in and deciding they want to shoot the dumb ass hanging in the air. For juggling to even be viable it would need to work like how ash's blade storm used to (and still sorta does if you use teleport) work and put you into an invulnerable state as you unleash mayhem on a single target, which wasn't all the fun, even if it worked decently. tl;dr DE please please please please consider trying something effective and simple and still cool instead of trying to over complicate a system that is right now garroted and bleeding like a pig.
  9. the very fact they seem to gloss over concerns with the melee system rather than addressing it upfront during the dev stream, feels very disingenuous. It really feels like they're just being bullheaded in going ahead with this, rather than actually understanding player concerns and worries about the new melee system, and just how poorly it treats melee players who use melee first and guns second. It's almost insulting and honestly heartbreaking for those of us who used to play melee. It feels like they think they're being sly and mysterious and trying to surprise us with WOW factors like "oooooh look at this shiny thing" when it's mundane or even subpar so far, and just ISNT fun. We're not babies, and we're not animals, we're not the easily distracted. unless phase two is actually going to rock our socks off, which honestly with how phase one is going, i highly doubt it will, and they're just going to try and sweep all concerns under the rug... it would be nice to at least know they're actually looking at this and the concerns players have over the system and taking everything into account for a more fluid and proper reworking of the melee system, instead of trying to bullishly rush head long into something that could be a potential nightmare to fix
  10. bring back old melee, new melee is a hot mess, it's actually ruined the flow of the game when all they needed to do was make a separate keybinding to switch melee and gun instantly. Autoblocking is disruptive towards melee game play and the lack of agency in blocking not only ruins the point to a couple of different weapons and mods, it also takes away some of the survivablity of excals during exalted blade, since it's no longer as though they're blocking during their melee attacks. While i get that last one may need a look at, so far the new melee system has been un-fun and obstructive to genuine enjoyment of that aspect of the game at large, and honestly has had no upsides to it other than easier directional ground pounding, and instant weapon swapping, but those two have come at a rather unappealing price, especially since the new "aim" combos will instantly switch from melee to gun the minute the combo is done, and that again ruins agency in desiring to melee. Over all, this change has been obstructive to overall enjoyment of melee, and needs to be toyed with before seriously pushing it forward. as mentioned, just making a keybinding for instant and gratifying switch between gun and melee modes would have been far more ideal, while keeping blocking intact would have been the better option rather than the broken awkwardness of trying to force gun and sword play together.
  11. Really really hating the fact that Guardian Derision and Electromagnetic shielding are both dead in the water. GG DE, GG.
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