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  1. Hello there, Currently having my effect intensity on over 9000 (200%) and I don't really feel it when watching my ephemeras, can we have a bit of an increase on the scaling of those effects? And some seem to respond to 2 color customization, whilst others don't, sometimes it's not even the same color picker (1st or 2nd), can we have a more stable system for those please? Was also thinking that the ephemera steps didn't quite fit wisp as she doesn't... well... have feet. Can we have steps work like trails when it comes to floaty warframes? Like they are slicing the earths surface and fire/electricity/ice/void energy flows out :3 Btw, even without all of this, you did a good job on most ephemeras, thx :) Best regards, Sp00n
  2. Can we change that? And have it include the dodge animation as well? Please? :3
  3. Thank you, Fortuna is amazing, you may unclench^^
  4. So these posters are going to be evaluated by DE, right? Might as well make something that's scary for them more than anyone else :') Here's my submission: PS: yes, a sneaky "e" slipped in. Truly a bad habit of mine. I'll just go ahead and make "Truely" a new official english word 😉
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