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  1. Dark_Sp00n

    [Spoiler] Umbra Excalibur Cosmetic

    I actually volunterely ignored this questioning until I'd actually see the insides of a warframe :') I wonder how Prime and normal warframes were conceived compared to Umbra. Imagine the amount of minds the operator has connected to through transference. Doing same as with umbra with every other frame can't be healthy O.o
  2. Dark_Sp00n

    [Spoiler] Umbra Excalibur Cosmetic

    Did we? Was it long ago? :')
  3. Dark_Sp00n

    [Spoiler] Umbra Excalibur Cosmetic

    Hello dear development team. I did not encounter this problem myself but I expected it as soon as I got Umbra Excalibur's damaged helmet: It is, for others, a spoiler as soon as they see Umbra's eye, as for all warframes facial features were to be avoided in their design. This means that at no point a player would have imagined a person to be inside and this helmet shatters that idea (which is central to the sacrifice). I have decided to avoid wearing it whilst in public matchmaking but maybe it would have been better to delay the acquisition of said helmet.^^ I would also like to say that I love the sacrifice quest and every single piece of work you put in there. This won't go without mention of Keith Power who brought us to tears this time.^^ Best regards, Sp00n
  4. I love how your response just ends after that comma, as if to say that you just don't have a starting point. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. keep this chat alive and maybe, just maybe, it will be a buff we get on friday
  6. This sounds so right but please give me something I can quote to prove your point ❤️
  7. Happens sometimes^^
  8. Please prof, teach me your ways. I do not want to remain ignorant any longer.
  9. You are the only one who thinks it was a pure mistake. Things about it were bad, but they could keep it and rebalance it.
  10. The community role is big. Let's remove the whole community right now. Ouch, noone is playing the game. Guess it's "game over".
  11. There's doing it all and doing none of it. You know, there's also something in between black and white. The movie was bad so I hesitate on the name, but I call it the "50 shades of grey".
  12. No, they don't nerf them, that would be great: they remove them.
  13. Well, we are the game's community. We can change it to some extent and warframe history has shown that more than once. Of course it's their game, but we still enjoy big portions of it and they want us to enjoy them. That's why they sometimes listen to their community. Sadly, most of the times, they wouldn't hear the community unless it screams loud enough.
  14. That's just your point of view: ask dark souls players about "unintended mechanics". They build around them and that makes parts of the game rich and creative. Of course they are bugs, but they are an opportunity for players to play creatively. If they are out of balance, balance them, don't delete them.
  15. This. Exactly this.^^