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  1. Sounds nice. I also thought of having at least 1 syndicate sigil for quills and ostrons that could be equipped on the operator. Nice addition to ostron, necessary to quills: it allows to progress in PoE without spending all your time in them, which after a certain time gets very repetitive.
  2. Invincible Bosses

    I just wondered, has this been acknowledged by the dev team? :')
  3. 1. Yes, there are as many drawbacks, but clearly not of the same nature, and that's the problem here. Surprisingly, having unfair RNG doesn't increase DE's profit, because it decreases the amount of fun you can have in the game and makes people quit. Having basic items like un-primed warframes drop more consistently would actually justify buying even more cosmetics for the newly acquired warframe/weapon. 2. There is. Because according to the difference in dropchances, it wouldn't just be 6 runs. Some parts have to drop less. Let's say a parts A,B and C have 33% drop chance and part D has 1%. You would have to run the mission somewhere between 1 and a 100 times to get that item once, because the sample will be a mix of 33 As, 33 Bs, 33 Cs and 1 D. 4 Rewards doesn't mean 4 Runs. The new systems trades rewarding great luck for rewarding time-investment into the game. 3. Do you have any evidence to back that up? 4. It literally took some of my friends 2 YEARS to get their last Nova part. That's right: Nova. Not Nova Prime. Nova. The basic thing. And that's because they always dropped the other 2 parts. And me? It just took me a few 200 runs of Defection to get that goddamn system and while I AM happy about being in the possession of Harrow, the time I spent on those 200 runs of the same flawed mission I'd rather had spent on ANY other warframe content, yes ANY, enjoying the beautiful content DE is working on, like Hentai Prime and the soon to be released PoE. Yeah you heard me right: Farming for Harrow since release, I didn't get a single second of time to spend on farming Hydroid Prime and his weapons, and I was dedicated! Actually, I am now visually allergic to Infested enemies and stupid escort targets with AI bugs. They give me constipation.
  4. Octavia's Mandachord is too short?

    This has barely anything to do with the topic, except for "Mandachord", which is like 10% of it. This topic is not about people growing Mozart or Beethoven skills through the magic of a new warframe tutorial or feature. It's about those who have some knowledge being able to make better songs, share them on youtube (as everyone does) and allowing less gifted people to then copy those better songs (as most of them do). Also, the "average Warframe player" has already heard music in his/her life and developed even a minor sense for musical harmony. Give them a bit of experimenting and they'll figure out how to do something good. This sounds like a very good idea, but how do you make those work with the input on octavia: If there's a held note, do you have to crouch on the first not only? Do you hold crouch? (Only using crouch as an example here^^) The Mandachord part of this is very simple: Even if they are next to each other, pressing on notes individually makes single notes. Holding down the mouse key combines them into long notes.
  5. Dear fellow Tenno and development team, After a few attempts at making good songs that don't sound too repetitive, I shall now attempt to make a good Feedback Topic in the Warframe Forums. I remembered 3 things from my piano classes which I will translate to Mandachord language for the sake of easy understanding: 1.You mostly need 4 Bars to set up a full melody and with another 4 Bars, you can make a variation of it. 2.Some faster melodies only need 3 Bars to be set, but you still need another 3 to do the variation. 3.Variations make songs less repetitive So here's my feedback: As of now, Mandachord songs sound good (though we still miss a nice non-bass guitar and some other instrument-equivalents like a piano or a flute), but those Mandachord songs are WAY too repetitive. Choosing how many bars we get in our mandachord between 3, 4, 6 or 8 Bars would solve this issue and allow less virtuose players to still keep it as simple as it is.^^ Thanks for reading. If you are not a developer, please help this post reach their sight, so we can actually enjoy octavia's music instead of turning her sound off. If you are a developer, I guess there's only one thing to say: please? Yours sincerely, Dark Sp00n
  6. Invincible Bosses

    Dear development, Vulnerability phases should be a thing, they make the bosses mechanically engaging, and I think there's a mini-boss you actually did right when it comes to "resistant" phases: the Juggernaut. You do close to no damage to the Juggernaut as long as he doesn't lift his belly, and the fact that you still do damage is great, because sometimes he simply isn't about being tickled and just keeps his head down. People still look out for his special move to be able to speed up the fight though. Turns out your bosses have the same kind of emotional rollercoaster where on some days, they just don't want to get killed: After going through quite a few sortie bosses, I couldn't help but notice that some of them have AI bugs. This truly isn't a shame, to be honest, but it IS a problem when bosses have invincibility phases (Infested Alad V, Lephantis, Lt. Lech Kril). So here's the thing: either you try to fix their AI completely, which is impossible, let's face it, or you get rid of the whole invincible thing and turn it into "high-resistance"-phases. Thank you for reading. ^.^
  7. Riven "tasks" still lying

    I am pretty goddamn sure, as it showed up in the mission quite a few times. Actually, I got a "Hack one console" once in addition to my basic challenge instead of the riven challenge. I had like "Hack one console" and "Kill 20 guys with a gun", but that's only 1 out of all the runs I did.
  8. Riven "tasks" still lying

    Hello, dear development team. I have completed this riven challenge, finally, except I haven't. It is difficult enough to get 4 killing blows on sentients in public groups (impossible in solo due to a low amount of sentients spawning), forget about doing it without being affected by status. "There are workarounds: Valkyr in Hysteria state is not affected by status effects." Except she is: Chilling Eximus auras (like the auras of syndicate squad members... invaded me thrice in a row) still count as status effects and put the counter back to 0. "Well, apart from the fact that you need the perfect frame to cheese the sentients without getting status effects, what else could there be, am I right?" I killed the 4 sentients... all right... a status effect that afflicted me later in the mission still canceled my completion of this riven's task, because the description is false and doesn't state you have to finish the whole mission without getting affected by status after killing the 4 sentients. I know riven mods are new, I know their "tasks" have been revisited once already, but please get rid of this one, or at least fix the part where it cancels the effect after completion.
  9. Again, for items a player "needs" multiple times, e.g. kama blades, they could be put into rotation twice. Also, as we discussed, prime parts are a matter of their own. The token system Baro'ki'teer is supposed to represent could be turned into a prime part exchange place. Ducats could be used at Baro's brother to buy specific prime parts instead of primed mods and baro-fashion. Also, the failsafe system wouldn't have this kind of problem, as far as I know, what do you think of that?^^
  10. I faintly remember hearing it once on a devstream. This would help a lot indeed. But I'd cry if they introduced the same as with Void Traces: a variable amount dropping every time. Please make those drop according to how we perform in missions.
  11. That's because of your lack of imagination.^^ Also, "insurtmountable"? Really? Provided the evidence above, this is the only system that guarantees you an item you long farmed for and you call this one specifically "insurmountable"? Why the hell would you need multiple copies of a rare item, except to greedily sell it for platinum? This will just make you work for your platinum instead of getting it strictly out of luck. In the case of dual weapons or syndicate rank up requirements, you just add in 2 numbers for the rare item into that rotation. For example, you make 24 numbers and 22,23 and 24 are the rare drops, keeping the proportion of 1 rare for 2 uncommons for 5 commons that I presented above. That way you still may go through the whole 24 numbers to get all you need, but you know you WILL get it. And if your luck is still the same, you may get them in the first 3 tries. In exchange for that, your luck will cost you 21 runs of common and uncommon drops. This just means equal chances for everyone. Again, the only reason I could see why you would not like this system, is that you would lose the privilege your luck has provided you so far, unless, maybe you can provide another explanation? Also, the discussion has evolved and is now also about introducing failsafe systems, do you have an opinion on those?^^
  12. Yeah, but I adressed the relic case specifically^^ In any case, the NSS should not be client based, or people could exploit it to know when they'll drop the super rare item and run useless relics until it's their turn to get that special item. Also, 4 C rotations, you are a madman. Always going only for 2 rotations, except for 1 endurance run I did once... my worst day ever.
  13. Actually, I'd prefer the NSS for relic runs, but independat from the item as they have all the same drop chance.
  14. @Fallen_Echo Maybe a combination of both failsafe systems would be a valid solution to this problem... Increasing chances AND a safety cap? Meaning they would make increasing chances, but as a result, the safety cap would be much harder to reach. That way, the safety cap feels much less like a way to cheese the item, knowing you'll soon have it. It would much more feel like a consolation prize. Sounds good to me.
  15. Yes, this is how probablity works, except it isn't. You are right: Most people will get it before a thousand attempts. You are wrong: Despite increased chances for Riven mods, I still only get ayatans, and I am not the only one in this situation. Here is the thing: "Most" And this is our issue here. The minorities. You seem to have had a lot of luck with your runs lately, but it isn't the case for all players. Hell, it ain't the case for the majority of players. This system doesn't reduce your chances at getting an item, apart from getting it multiple times so you can sell it for platinum to other players (which is a very greedy attitude), it increases it for other players. In that way, this forum thread doesn't really concern you, except for one scenario: If being one of the rare players who could acquire an item through simple luck is a privilege to you, and you feel like this privilege is not going to stay one, because other players will get it as well, then your messages are but the reflection of your ego, because you want to stay "that special player", in which case you are either welcome to go play SAO and become the one player with the dual-wielding skill, or you are welcome to stay and brag on, but in the latter scenario, I will simply ignore you. I actually thought about the failsafe system as well, in a much more "safe" way: A safety cap. After 200 tries, if you didn't get it already, you drop the item. And you get it at 400 as well if you didn't drop it a second time yet. The thing is, knowing exactly when it's coming means you sacrifice some of the luck part that makes this system so interesting to the players. The anticipation of whether you'll get something or not is what makes people stay. That's why I chose to talk about the NSS, rather than failsafe or "safe failsafe". Because increasing probability, as the failsafe does, wouldn't fix the issue of the computer just not giving you an item because he'd rather give you the other numbers. Because having a set cap that you just have to reach, as my "safe" failsafe implies, would kill the fun of the luck and anticipation.