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  1. Awesome sauce! But why no reduction in mats to craft ciphers? That was the No.1 complaint!
  2. Kihana


    Yes, it is. It would be easy to raise the clan score required for individual members as more members become active during an event. Especially since we would be talking about people having been previously inactive for a reasonable duration. DE should be quite capable of determining the quantity of "a reasonable duration." They have all the stats. What would result from this would be a reward of sorts for people who play often. Those who only turn up for events would find it harder. And clans with limited numbers would not be penalized in quite the manner they were here.
  3. Kihana


    Quote of the day right there. It should be easy for DE to calculate individual clan scores required based on members active over the last y number of days. It should be equally easy for DE to adjust individual clan scores required on the fly if additional clan member suddenly become active again during an event. EDIT: I did the boss fight last night for the weapon. Should be easy to cheese, but was a decent fight for what I took into it. Not bad at all.
  4. Kihana


    Disappointed to see my target doubled even though I'm solo in a clan. Two members, both me. One a Platinum account, one a totally free one. I'm at work too, so an hour or two to play each day max, allowing time for nothing else. On a S#&$ connection to boot. Please drop the clan aspect for the individual player in future.
  5. Kihana

    Darvo's Fire Sale on Now!

    I've voted three times now. Once each on my desktop, laptop, phone. Gonna go try my tablet. Edit: Tablet won't let me, but each time I refresh the IP on my phone, I can vote again. I'm not logged into forums on my phone either. Edit 2: And now I can vote on my tablet, after rebooting my router, which my phone isn't running through. Laptop vote was done at work. It's IP based.
  6. Kihana

    Specters of the Rail: Update 1

    Sancti Tekelu looks very nice thank you. Please make sure the coming Tigris Prime can use this skin as well.
  7. Kihana

    Prime Vault Unsealed: Mag Prime!

    This point appears lost on most people. There appears to have been a lot of people who expected to be able to buy it for next to nothing after a year or two.
  8. Kihana

    Cheese Needs To Be Removed From The Game.

    I've seen a Trinity twice in the last six months of play. The first one made me wonder what that icon on my screen was. Apparently I was being healed. Constantly. Over and over. Random PUG for an alert. The second one wasn't even there. We were doing a tactical alert and someone stated a need for a Trin. Relax we said, we'll be fine". Three minutes in when two were dead the player who stated a need for a Trin began complaining we were destined to fail because we didn't have her. We finished this mission just fine btw. This is the problem with Trinity, as well as certain other situational frames, like he who disarms. She's a crutch that players can't do without. The players who cry that she shouldn't be nerfed are the same ones who cry that's there's no challenge in endless missions until an hour or more in. There's something very wrong with a frame that might spend endless time damaging themselves over and over to support others.
  9. Kihana

    Cheese Needs To Be Removed From The Game.

    Knowing it's an unpopular opinion, I'll agree with the OP regardless. Trinity is supposed to be a support frame, not a carry frame.
  10. The OP is very encouraging. If it takes time to distill prototypes down to one that works for every play style without being open to abuse, then so be it.
  11. Kihana

    Hotfix 18.1.2 [Spoilers!]

    It's called a knee jerk reaction. It almost always invokes the law of unintended consequences. People never learn.
  12. Kihana

    Update 18.1.0 [Spoilers!]

    DE has finally come to the realization that there is too much plat in the player market. Nezha appears intended to remove some.
  13. Kihana

    Update 18.1.0 [Spoilers!]

    Yes actually, they do need to fix that.
  14. Kihana

    Update 18.1.0 [Spoilers!]

    It's conclave only.