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  1. How would I do that (I'm deeply sorry if this sounds boomer of me I've never had to do this before lol)
  2. My arsenal segment has been offline, when I first started the game I selected volt and I did the quest for Vor. But I never got thr arsenal segment and it's an issue that's been with me for a while the reason why I don't play warframe anymore. I wanna get into the game so freaken badly but this is stopping me, if anyone can help me it would mean the world to me.
  3. My arsenal segment has been offline for a while already and it's been so frustrating because I can't even change my warframe or anything, I first started off as volt then I did the mission to get my arsenal segment but it never showed up for me. Now it just says "arsenal offline, segment required." Plz if someone can help me it would literally mean the world to me.
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