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  1. MAN CHILL out its jusjt a game pok
  2. Tell me, can you shoot from a k drive? can you spear attack people and knock them down with a k drive? does the k drive give you the cowboy drip?
  3. Horses are cooler than generic scifi ships, lot of potential.
  4. it's been 2 years and we haven't heard anything........
  5. i get a lot of very low fps when i get close to that big spider thing
  6. I used to get around 60 fps in orb vallis, now i am getting around 45 anyone else having performance issues
  7. sounds kinda lazy ngl, almost like whatever we do on bosses or quests have no effect in the story
  8. So in the new war trailer, we saw Alad V giving orders to the corpus, and that's all good but... 1 - didn't alad v get infested 2 - didn't he get murdered by hunhow in second dream quest 3 - didn't we killed alad in jupiter
  9. Ok ok ok..now hear me out, before you call me a "troll" or "bait", listen, a LOT of people, including me, would like to see their weapons from a closer view Make it a toggable, similar to how those nigthwave missions before played
  10. I never saiid i wanted 50k credits? tf ? did you even read my post?¡ and no, the credits are not a "nice little addon", because its not an "addon", it repalces the riven that you could actually get
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