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  1. ...hooray. So what you're basically saying is, I shouldn't bother taking any questions I have to the forums here, because I'm just going to get abused. Wonderful. (I should add: among all those... kind of awful replies, there were a handful of really useful, really generous ones. And you yourself have been very engaging!) The funny thing is, I legitimately don't mind most of the 'grind' that comes with the F2P model they're using: I don't mind waiting to craft stuff, I don't mind the limited amount of useful stuff you can craft per day, I don't even mind the amount of RNG in the loot drops (I mean, would I complain about some form of RNG protection? Not at all; I'd be overjoyed. But its lack isn't going to make me quit the game or anything). I tend to like grind in a game like this, because it gives me a 'reason' to play the game; part of the reason I was so focused on Nightwave was that I liked having that guidance - 'do this thing, and you'll be rewarded' does tend to be more compelling to me than 'do this thing, and maybe you'll get a decent drop, or not, who the hell knows'. So most of the gameplay mechanics stemming from 'we're trying really hard to make you give us money' don't particularly bother me; I've even willingly given them money, to buy more Warframe slots! (Also, because one of the bundles was on sale on Xbox.) My complaint here was more focused around 'those mechanics seemingly broke down and prevented me from progressing'. Essentially, I really enjoy the base game, here - to the point where the stuff I don't find particularly engaging tends to be more of the endgame/variety stuff they added to 'change things up' for veteran players. Which is fine - that stuff isn't for me, and for the most part, I can ignore it and still progress through the game/the upgrade systems. (Until, you know, suddenly, I can't.)
  2. Here's the thing, though: all of that may be absolutely true, but none of that makes it less frustrating to me, right now. 'It was even worse before!' just isn't particularly a useful piece of advice, you know? 'Oh, I just broke my arm, it really hurts!' 'Ha, that pain is nothing - try breaking both your legs and then getting kicked in the head by a mule! So quit your whining and walk it off; that's what I did with my two broken legs, and I was thankful for every minute of it, just like you should be, you spoiled brat! Whining about a broken arm, honestly...' And don't get me wrong, I'm glad the new system is more generous than it used to be, just like I'm glad I don't have to worry about polio or scarlet fever. But 'at least you don't have polio' still isn't exactly a helpful thing to say, especially in the forum specifically meant for, you know, helping. Grandpa. (Sorry.) (Also, I should add: I have more or less made my peace with it, now that I understand the mechanics behind what happened - I didn't understand when I made the initial post that the tasks were 'recovered' from earlier in the Nightwave season, I thought they were just randomly picked out a hat. So, okay, I get where I went wrong, even if I still think it's bad design that it's allowed to happen that way. But me making my peace with what happened doesn't change the fact that at least seventy percent of the 'advice' I got while I was trying to understand that was people coming in and saying 'it's your own fault for not understanding the systems that weren't at all explained to you, so really, you're an idiot, and quit whining'. Which, in terms of giving advice... really isn't how it's done.)
  3. My issue isn't that I don't have access to all the stuff from before I was playing, though - it's that I'm barred from progressing currently because I didn't do something 'right' in the first couple weeks I was playing. If I'd completed the Clem mission when it came up in Nightwave, like, the first week I was playing the game, I wouldn't be in this position. So the game's decided that 'decision' means I shouldn't be able to move forward currently. In other words, I'm being punished, right now, for decisions that a) I didn't even realize I was making b) didn't have any sort of information about how to make and c) basically just because the RNG that assigns the tasks said 'screw you'. One of those three things might be acceptable, but all three, at once? I still maintain it's bad design that's allowed to happen - and bad design is on the designers, not on me. Also - and this isn't just a reply to you, it's a general note on this entire thread - man, there's a weird amount of 'the game only punishes you if you deserve it, and so you must deserve it' in the replies I'm getting here. At least half of them boil down to 'really, you should be thankful the game is arbitrarily stopping your progression', which... yeah, that's never going to be the case. The other half are just 'yeah, the game does this sort of thing at times, get used to it', or 'clearly, this is your fault somehow, even if I don't understand how'. Which, to a relative newcomer? Most of these sound like 'Daddy only hits you when you make him mad, so it's your fault your arm is broken', which... doesn't strike me as a particularly healthy relationship to have with a game.
  4. Unfortunately not the case; once you've run the mission once - even if it was for Nightwave - it won't show up again, even if you go to Darvo's shop.
  5. Yeah, I looked it up on the various wikis once I got well and truly sick of hearing the taunts; I read about the amount of grinding involved, and was pretty much immediately like 'nope, I can absolutely make my peace with this. I got through middle school when I was actually a kid; as a grown adult, I can absolutely let an obnoxious video game character taunt me and steal my lunch money rather than engage with hours upon hours of grinding just to shut them up'. I'm thin skinned, but I'm not that thin skinned! (Good to know they toned down the messaging, though; honestly, I barely even notice it any more.)
  6. Yeah, I've started to hit some of those already - the middle school bully who taunts me every time I log in (because I killed her? I guess?) has already gotten... pretty old. And almost everything about the Operator as a gameplay mechanic is pretty well across my personal 'control complexity' Rubicon, which is why I'm not engaging with the Kuva stuff to begin with*. I just don't do missions on Saturn any more, because the middle school bully has staked that out as her territory, and you know what? She can have it. (And then there's the Orphix Railjack missions. Screw you, Orphix Railjack missions.) All of which may just mean that I don't engage with Warframe content beyond a certain point/difficulty, which is fine - that's my choice to make, after all. But the Nightwave rewards (the catalysts/reactors specifically) are necessary to engage with the level of difficulty/complexity I do find compelling, which is why it's frustrating to be bottlenecked like this. After two weeks of doing Sorties nearly every day (I skip the ones that involve Spy missions), I've got zero catalysts/reactors to show for it, so Nightwave feels like my only avenue to those upgrades (because I'd like to have more than just one Warframe capable of playing on higher difficulties), and now that's blocked off as well. *I want to clarify: I don't think the Operator is bad, at all. Narratively, it's genius, and I'm certain from a gameplay standpoint it was a breath of fresh air for longtime players. It's just not fun to me, because there's so much going on, just from a 'controller input' standpoint. It's like with fighting games: there's a certain point where I just can't 'keep up'. I can manage basic attacks and special moves, but once you get into reversals and frame counting and whatnot, that's just more than I can manage to keep track of, let alone keep the controls straight. The Operator, as a mechanic, feels like that. Which, again, doesn't make it bad: it just makes it 'not for me'.
  7. Honestly, I probably could, but at this point, I've just dug in my heels: I prefer to play solo, and when I do play with a group, I do it through the matchmaking in the game. Forcing me to go outside of the game to a LFG site just to clear a challenge (from a mechanical standpoint, I mean, not just a difficulty standpoint) is, I still maintain, bad design, and I don't want to 'condone' it by doing so.
  8. I mean, I still maintain it's bad design - for new players, at least: I started playing Warframe just over a month ago. To absolutely no one's surprise, I did not know what Nightwave was, I did not know how or why the uncompleted tasks were 'stored', and I certainly didn't know that not completing tasks could come back to bite me in the ass a month later. Hell, there's a decent chance that this particular task was stored when I didn't even have access to Clem's mission, because I only cleared that for the first time when I first noticed it popping up in Nightwave - and I only started paying attention to Nightwave several weeks into play. 'We're punishing you for not paying attention to a part of the game as a new player that new players have no reason to pay attention to' is... pretty poor design, I think, yeah. (As for how to 'solve' it? That's easy: let me put a set number of missions a week back in the bank, and then replace them with another mission that's been banked instead. It still wouldn't be good practice to just bank all the missions I didn't like, because if I tried that, I'd hit a point where those missions were all I was getting back out, as well... but ultimately, that would still be my decision, not an arbitrary bottleneck from the game.)
  9. So I just have... the worst luck. Which, okay, yeah. At least that tracks. (Good to know there's only one of these floating around out there, though; thanks!)
  10. That's the thing, though: I didn't do Clem's mission 'before it came up on Nightwave'. I did it after it came up on Nightwave, cleared that challenge, and then, after clearing the next challenge, 'Help Clem' came up on Nightwave again. So it's come up as a Nightwave challenge, specifically, twice, in 24 hours. (Actually, I think it was less than 12.) That's where my frustration comes from: the fact that, as a Nightwave challenge, something I can't do twice is coded to appear twice. I understand now that the recurring tasks are 'banked' from when I wasn't doing them, but the reason I wasn't doing them is... I wasn't playing the game. At all. Barely knew it existed. So now it just feels like I'm being punished for not playing from the very beginning of the Nightwave, even though I wasn't playing the game at all when the Nightwave started.
  11. I would definitely call it 'punishment' for not playing every single week, not prioritizing Nightwave specifically, or, you know, just being like me, ie being a new player who didn't start playing until this Nightwave was... however many months in we are now. (Which is why I was confused; I thought the challenges were just re-occurring randomly after I cleared them.) So, yeah: I'm going to call 'bottlenecking progress by way of something that's entirely out of a player's hands' bad design - and since the only way I could have avoided this situation, apparently, was to be playing Warframe from the very beginning of this Nightwave, and knowing at that time that I needed to prioritize clearing weekly-limited challenges just so they didn't show up later, I'm pretty comfortable calling that 'out of my hands'. Again, it's one thing for me to bottleneck my own progress by refusing to clear the Hydolyst challenge: that's something I'm choosing not to complete (assuming I even could, at my skill/build level). Here, I don't have any choice in the matter: my progression has ground to a halt by something I have no control over. 'You weren't playing the game when you should have been, so screw you', basically. So, yeah. 'Bad design'.
  12. Thanks, I appreciate it. Like I said, I know I could do it by grouping up with somebody outside of the game itself, but this is the sort of thing where I feel like doing that is just 'rewarding' bad design; I'd rather have that stick out in their data as 'the task that stopped a player from progressing through Nightwave' rather than 'a task they got through with no problems, as far as the data shows'. I know it's not much - one data point in literal millions - but, you know, it's better than nothing.
  13. Sorry; I'm still confused, here. So when the weekly reset pops up, it'll be pulled from my list, and put into the reserve? Even though, once the weekly reset pops up, I'd be able to complete it. So I'm still left in a position where I have to wait a week for it to 'clear' (even though at that point I could do it), and then it might pop up twice again, effectively stopping my progress for a second week in a row. Also, that description also sounds like only Acts that haven't been completed get pulled and put back into your challenges, which... pretty clearly isn't the case, since I just got this one again after completing it - it was 'Recovered' a single challenge after it was completed. Is it somehow considered a different challenge, since it was pulled from a prior week?
  14. I already did the mission for a Nightwave, which is what has me frustrated. So 'Help Clem' came up as a challenge, I completed it, did another challenge, and then 'Help Clem' popped up a second time. It'd be one thing if I did it on my own, but the fact that the challenge is set to repeat - even though it, you know, can't be completed more than once - is the part that feels unfair. (And yeah, solo is the only way I play, for the most part - I'd probably attempt it with a party if the game offered matchmaking for the activity, but since I already did the mission, there's no way to select it again and find a party, and I'm just stubborn enough that I'm not going to use LFG sites just to get around what feels like bad design on the game's part.)
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