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  1. Maybe a bug? For example, when I did it, I clicked on the description assigned to square, which I think was context button, that brought up a list and I selected re-load from the list.
  2. Had the same issue. I couldn’t find a classic option anymore but the layout is customisable, so on the screen that shows the layout, just click on the button/ description and it brings up a list so you can reassign and make your own classic layout.
  3. There are no alarms in the void but not everybody who did the sortie exterminate got the nw task, I didn’t. Either it’s buggy or there’s a parameter we don’t know about.
  4. Do you mean see what’s upcoming throughout the ten weeks, to accurately see what you can skip? I wouldn’t object but honestly I think as this is so new the devs are making the challenges as they go and listening to feed back along the way. It would help though, it’s easy for players to keep harping on about be able to miss 40% but without knowing what’s round the corner it’s impossible to make an informed decision on what’s not worth the time/effort.
  5. If enemies are dying too fast and outputting minimal damage you don’t need a ridiculously high iron skin, a raw activation will probably do you. the 3 second absorption mechanic gives you scaling to your current enemy level. Once they stopped getting one shot you can get some nice groups for charging and their damage output will give you a nice boost in the opening 3 seconds.
  6. Yeah, I think it’s some sort of latency if you are not host, the hardest part of the fight is actually equipping and unequipping the bleeding weapon. That’s neither right nor fun.
  7. I think a few sarcasm detectors stopped working for a while.
  8. As myself and others have touched on earlier, the status quo was becoming dull, copy paste meta builds, safe and predictable. it seems just a question of perspective, Rivens give a chance of acquiring something special and unique. Some people embrace that, the idea that it’s possible appeals to them. Others don’t want to take that chance, would rather they were removed, better all mediocre than risk not being special themselves. others want them to to be changed, so stats can be locked and manipulated in certain directions, either not realising or not caring that when all rivens are speci
  9. They totally upset the status quo though, which I think is an issue to some, whether they admit it or not. WF used to be very safe, we all surfed that meta wave, secure in the knowledge our builds were the best they could be. Within hours of a new weapon being released its optimal load out was devised and uploaded and a few formas later we all got back on the wave, snug and safe, united in our awesomeness. Now some are seemingly more awesome than others, their numbers are bigger, even though it doesn’t make a shred of difference, 1 shot is 1 shot after all but some players can’t stand thi
  10. This is where you totally miss the point. You admit these weapons can do the job. So where is the problem? Weapons are balanced against the content, not each over, so what if one weapon can do it slightly better? If your favourite weapon can clear the content, that’s all that should matter, having all weapons be viable is all that should matter and most importantly, having fun is all that should matter. some people have fun using weapons they like, others by using weapons that are optimal, what does it matter as long as they both do the job? If both the gram and orthos slice through the s
  11. Hey boss, you got a minute? i was just talking to Dave in accounts and he said that the company gave him 500 quid bonus last month to celebrate him being with them for 5 years. now I know I have only been here two weeks and probably won’t stay beyond Christmas but can I have that 5 year bonus too? If not, it’s like, totally unfair man.
  12. Does this mean I can copy my PS4 account to switch? I love the idea of Warframe on the go but not the idea of starting from scratch.
  13. It's ok, but "ok" probably won't open my wallet. Didn't like the "fins" or whatever they were supposed be on the back, much too thin, looked like cardboard, like something from a low quality cosplay costume. Besides, I already have the great tennogen helmet that makes normal chroma epic anyway. its certainly not terrible, just not my cup of tea from what I've seen. Shame that sword won't be sold separately though.
  14. No where near. I have 3000+ hrs in the game and have 3000 samples and when I started playing the game the derelict was a levelling spot. A new player is not going to acquire that amount of samples just by playing the game I'm afraid.
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