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  1. Usually because DE never mention these things are unintended and leave them for years before “fixing”. 😉
  2. This is just vacuum all over again. if Itzal is the most used archwing they have to look at why and address that, not address Itzal. I suspect Itzal only became most used once the the open worlds happened. It’s ideal for covering large distances quickly. It’s the best tool for the job. Plus it’s easier to collect eidolon/orb loot. The second point highlights what frustrates players about some of DEs design choices. They make that loot unaffected by vacuum/fetch but then complain when all players use another tool to collect it efficiently. in actual archwing missions though other ‘wings can be better choices, depending on mission type and player skill. K drives need their own niche. They need to give players an alternative, a real choice. “Shall I use an archwing and get there fast or use a K drive and X”. They need to find that X, the reason to use it over an archwing. They already have the fun factor with the tricks and all but obviously that’s not enough for some players who want utility more than fun.
  3. I love Inaros myself, mainly because I like to run and gun and his bulk lets me do that with minimum hassle and no micro management. The beauty of this game is it caters to a vast number of play styles. Hopefully if Wisp isn’t for you the next frame will be. Have fun Tenno, that’s the important thing.
  4. Not everyone is a min maxer, wanting to spend 3+ hours on mot. Warframe has a very large casual audience, who will probably love to float around the star chart burning the faces off grineer with their very own miniature sun. She looks fun, which should be the point.
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