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  1. 1. What is your in-game alias? SmolCass2. Why do you want to join our clan? I'm a fairly new returning player and just now discovered Shy's channel, naturally in love with the content, i'd be pretty awesome to be a part of her community on Warframe aswell.3. Tell me about yourself. Your personality, interests outside of Warframe, etc. I don't reaally know how to describe myself, i'm pretty bubbly all around and always try to be as niice a person as i can to everyone i meet c: I don't have many hobbies irl really, i mostly just stay indoors and enjoy my time with my friends. I'm a bit (very) anxious around people, even online (so excuse the double letters, i get twitchy). Oh and i'm mute, however i do live with my girlfriend and i have for about 3 and half years now ^-^ Saw some other posts though i should elaborate a bit more, i'm 21, currently dropped out of mechanic school, working on becoming a software engineer, for the mean time unemployed and i'm not the brightest person ♥
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