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  1. I feel they're going into twitch rewards to strongly. I work at a warehouse, they don't even allow cellphones, I'm stuck there 12 hrs a day with hour long drive times. I cannot devote myself to twitch, as it's worse than the old days of continuous log in streak rewards. I really wanted this one, made plans to get it, and I STILL miss it ...
  2. Sigh ... have they said anything about bringing it back? I'm so sick of this twitch stuff.
  3. I was supposed to get this with the tennocon stream, yes? I got a Nekros, but no flowers.
  4. The bridges with grated floors of Kuva Fortress, they eat Nidus's first ability, preventing it from doing anything.
  5. Within the few weeks of my return, I've been constantly slapped with this bug of where the Cetus Drone Escort will just flat out break, the drone can't move forward due to a pebble in the road or it's floated into a enemy base object. This time has really taken the cake as it stopped on a hill ... for our SORTIE of all things,basically flat ground. I've had enough ... Honestly it just needs either manual piloting or to be slapped onto our backs, this happens more than 50% of the time.
  6. So the Oloro Moa Pet went to the locked door of the spy room entrance, booped it's nose on the console and ... poof. The console light went out, and I couldn't interface with it nor could anyone in the group. They knew of a vent entrance just below us and so we got in. However ... we got detected, so they hacked the glass shielding, but instead of opening, it just remained shut. The time ran, mission failed, nothing we could do as the whole room was bugged out.
  7. Did the Sortie for Infested Salad V boss fight. He slapped the collar on me, and after I was free of it I found I could NOT cast any warframe abilities or even switch to operator mode.
  8. So sortie mission rolls up with a boss I normally kill by cloaking until they're exposed, and as such, I brought Ivara for team cloak. Just as the title suggested, I could not cloak the Wisp Warframe like the others. Even went so far as to shoot one right on her but still didn't cloak her.
  9. I see this as a breakthrough for glorious cuteness. Can we get Nidus Larva and Wisp's first ability- the floating mini ghosts' in vegetation that buff ya? Pretty please with a cherry on top DE? *insert shut up and take my platinum .jpg*
  10. True but even with extra slots, I ran out of room with all the current ones forma'd. If they did get more sockets for mods, they need more points to fuel them. I like the separate notion a lot though.
  11. Sooo https://imgur.com/a/gL6GDew Yeaaaah... There any talk of nerfing these costs a bit? This mutt has every. single. slot. forma'd, and I can't make much use of the prime stuff...
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