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  1. Hi, Only happened a few times and only on relics oppening. On the rewards screen at the end of the mission an error appears (sorry I couldn't take note of it) with the only option being to abort mission report and give up on mission completion/rewards. So the game considers that I didn't do the mission and by consequence doesn't give me any reward which is normal so far. However the relic is getting consumed still and so just loosing it. Doesn't happen all the time either and never faced this problem with another kind of mission.
  2. Hi, This is happening quite frequently with ember prime ( I do not know if ember normal is affected) If I happen to die or fall and repaswn while my 2nd ability is activated, the flame gauge on the screen is invisible when casted to activate it once more. The flammes around the warframe are visible and it seems like the ability works properly but just the visual of the gauge is gone. Back to normal at each start of mission/open map
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