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  1. I encountered him today. He one-shot me through 1k worth of health and shields somehow and then... He just stood in place... invincible... No message that he succeeded in his task, no fade away. Just stood there aiming how bow at where I used to be. ...What?
  2. Sheldon is playing dirty. Stance is uncommon but the enemy that drops it is below the chances of a normal rare mod dropping. He seems to REALLY want those stance mods to be as rare as possible.
  3. At least Sheldon made the stance uncommon... Transmuting is even more RNG than farming stalker. Wasted 1 million credits on attempting transmuting that stance. Still nothing.
  4. Wasted 1 million credits and a whole load of north winds attempting to transmute the damn thing. Nope. Nothing. Thanks Sheldon. Stance is uncommon, but the enemy that drops it is beyond rare.
  5. I believe we're well past the time the bugged alert was up. Still no harlequin helmet. Hopefully they at least convert the bugged blueprints into harlequin helmets. Missing the helmet just because DE did not decide to release a fix earlier would be incredibly annoying. Then again, I live in England and the timezones differ majorly.
  6. Sorry if I'm a bit impatient/paranoid, but where is the helmet? Rebecca said DE would re-do the alert. The bugged ash arcane happen a lot earlier than now. I don't wanna go to sleep just for it to pop up after 5 minutes of me going to sleep. And even if that happens, I hope it's a 24h alert.
  7. Was anyone brave [or rich] enough to rush it with plat? We know the blueprint is for scorpion arcane, but did crafting it give different results?
  8. Corpus cameras and Grineer sensor bars. I don't think flying fast at them will do any good. Especially sensor bars, missing them and going right through the mag field.
  9. I have like 60+ forma bp's so it's not really an issue for me. I just have this horrible feeling that DE will make every upgrade weapon use a forma. [Or maybe even non-upgrade weapons] It's about time that DE started draining our formas because we have them stockpiled and I don't like that at all. I like stockpiling things to make sure I'm ready to get new things the second they come out. DE made platinum for earning new things quickly, so it would be obvious for them to drain stockpiled things in favor of extending the grind for getting things through actual gameplay.
  10. Sorry everyone, I've been getting false info about the Tiberon being incredibly terrible compared to Latron. As much as it is a weapon evolution [as you tenno seem to call it] it still costs a forma which bothers me. Bolto don't cost formas, dual kamas don't cost formas... Why should tiberon? I'm guessing everyone thinks the Tiberon is awful is because the wiki page was edited to say it did 33 damage for quite a long time.
  11. I have no problem with the blueprint using an existing weapon. The issue is that you are using a forma and a good weapon to downgrade it just for mastery. [Or looks/style if you're into that]
  12. That's kind-of what I'm getting at. Latron itself may not burstfire, but it has a lot more damage. Tiberon has less damage per shot, but has an uncontrollable burst. Latron allows you to control your damage output and ammo output while Tiberon does not.
  13. I thought only research weapons needed formas. Why does it require a forma for this one? I can easily craft this thing right now, but really? Shouldn't it require morphics or orokin cells instead? I'm fully aware jumping WAY AHEAD to conclusions here, but what's next? forma sinks? I mean a lot of people have 50+ stockpiles of them. This is nothing that makes me annoyed, just bothers me slightly. Edit: Tiberon is almost a straight downgrade to Latron. Now that bothers me. Edit: After looking through some stuff [and realizing I've been given incorrect info about Tiberon doing
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