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  1. Any word on the fixes for Xbox One X still crashing in Deimos and many other missions this is sad as I want to level up standing but I can't because the game crashes shutting off my console? Been happening ever since the Tempstarri update was dropped so close to 3 weeks now and I'm not the only one.
  2. I'm having the same issues on my Xbox One X game hard crashes and shuts my console off on most of the open worlds. Can't do certain mission nodes Fossa the Jackal exterminate for example. Really want to play and earn standing but I can't due to these crashes and it is really hurting my enjoyment of Warframe.
  3. I'm having the same issues as well my Xbox one X keeps crashing and shutting my console off in pretty much the same nodes. Really wish I can play cause but I can't because I want to grind Family Standing for the necromech and some new warframes.
  4. Any word on fixes for crashing on Xbox one X. Everytime I try to do anything in the Cambion Rift or in the Necralisk my game hard crashes causing my console to crash/shutoff. Other nodes such as Jupiter do the same thing. I really want to play but it is ruining the experience this started when the Tempistarri update came out. Never had any crashes before hand.
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