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  1. Correct, CP is just a crutch preventing you from building really nice rounded builds.
  2. Da hell what is all this price complaining going on? Rivens are priced in accordance to demand for them. Aint no riven being sold for more than someone is willing to pay. This is like people complaining IPhones are to expensive. Don't like it? Buy any other phone. Meanwhile rivens are used to make strong weapons with low popularity even stronger. You don't see 2k Acrid rivens. Power of rivens should be adjusted continually until some of them lame weapons become viable. And if some weapon is not viable with a 5/5 disposition? Then it needs a buff. Using a continually adjusted system, we will soon see the really unpopular weapons come through with buffs.
  3. Perfect. I can see Assimilating around, blasting armor stripping bolts. Always great to get a buff.
  4. Not sure that is a general fact. I have 90 rivens multiple of which are affected by this change. Including god Tiberon, Rubico, Opticor rivens that were just nerfed. It was long my oppinion these riven system was greatly unbalanced, and needed an update. Atleast we got an update. I am grateful for that.
  5. Because for some reason they reach sick prices on the market and are probably to good. These weapons are very Meta in endgame content, matched with a powerful riven they give you little incentive to use anything else in a PoE hunt. Stated Riven intent is to make other weapons useful and popular, not the meta ones.
  6. I would love to see some usage stats. What weapons were used by Veterans(MR16+) for how many % of time played, during a set period. And also some methodology, my second most used weapon is PENTA, untouched from 2015.
  7. I am happy with this change. Even better would be if we had an actual real time change say every month. I want to see Lanka, Gram, Rubico at 0.5 until they become unpopular. Every month update.
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