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  1. they are working on it no specific fix date tho so get comfy
  2. yes i am from egypt so the only fix rn is to wait? got it thanks for the info!
  3. pretty sure it happened right after the update considering i have been playing for almost 3 years and never encountered this until now also i traded with someone literal seconds before the update other than that im a try n do what you said thanks!
  4. when you start the game it says please ensure your firewall premits udp ports 4950&4955 you cannot join other peoples squads when you invite them it either says cannot send invitation or when it sends it says host not found you cannot see other people (went to cetus foruna etc.) you're the only one there if you go to dojo even if there are people there you're still alone this happened right after i downloaded the update can still access chat fine think thats all thanks!
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