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  1. I am not sure. I'll go farm Mods that are needed to make it faster. Xoris is one of few weapons I like to use. Hopefully it'll still be good after adding some of these mods.
  2. I don't have that mod. Now it's just in slow motion. Please try it with the regular organ shatter.
  3. Although two weapons I tested, Guandao Prime and Xoris, still kill enemies, they don't kill as effectively as before and they are very slow as if it's slow motion. Who else feels the same? I really liked the old melee with fast builds. Now it feels very slow and very different. I don't like to be forced to use guns. DE please restore the speed of melees and glaives' heavy attack speeds we used to enjoy. In particular, the Xoris's heavy attacks are now SO SLUGGISHLY SLOW, it's like it's another game. DE please do something. Some of my friends have stopped playing the game, please dont' force more players to quit. I'd like to farm and try new gun mods, but not with the state of the melees.
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