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  1. Bo Prime already exists. I’m just waiting for Immortal Pharoh Prime.
  2. I’d prefer cephalon Lotus to Nora any day.
  3. If I remember correctly, it can be opened anywhere after MR5. A good indicator (IMO) is the PS4 Eris relay’s MR8 requirement. I have no idea when I opened it as it was probably 5 years ago.
  4. Hopefully some of these things will be ironed out with the railjack update, but only time will tell. Arch wing has been the bane of many players for a long time.
  5. After completing the event I noticed a significant difference in color of the trophies. Is this intended or just a bug? This is the Gold trophy beside the Shadow Debt Gold trophy. The color is way off (for whatever reason, the forum doesn’t like my image so I posted the link) https://m.imgur.com/gallery/XKbnZPv
  6. Ok now I’m a player who can normally hold my own in just about any mission, I’ve been around since Oberon first appeared on PS4, MR27 with 3k ingame hours but still cannot get past 1600k in this event. When did DE start gearing these rewards to those with 7 forma weapons with a Groll riven? There is no way my clan could get enough for gold with only 2 people active. We won’t even be able to obtain the terracotta one because of the overpower bullet sponge demolysts. I surely hope this is not the start of a new trend, because this is not the warframe I grew to love over the years. UPDATE: I have since been able to complete this event, but just barely enough for my three active members to achieve a gold trophy. This required a 5 forma + Riven Lanka, godmode Inaros and magus lockdown. Definitely not for the general player base. Poorly gauged difficulty for most people. Hopefully DE tones down the cater to try-hards mentality. I know some had a cake walk with this, but that comes at a cost of likely +5k platinum worth of rivens and arcanes. That is not in the spirit of what Warframe has been for the past years.
  7. Selling Excalibur early is one of many player’s big regrets. Rhino is easy to get, and not as tanky as some other frames. Playing rhino will simply get you used to feeling indestructible at low level but find yourself downed often at high levels of with frames without iron skin. Toss Rhino and keep the master of the blade.
  8. This is a Sony network issue. Reinstalling the game will have no effect if PSN is still down.
  9. “Nightwave series II” or Snoozefest round II?
  10. I haven’t hit 25 yet and I’m already burned out from grinding for peanuts. I will comeback when we have railjack or the new quest. Nightwave is not a reason for me to keep playing, its the reason I’d stop.
  11. I understand wanting to make people play more but when you give challenges like 8 PoE bounties or 10 of X mission it never feels worth it. What this new system is replacing is a single mission/reward alert. This new system requires at least an hour of investment and this is if you are fast and efficient just to get enough standing for maybe one rank reward or possibly getting wolf cred, which is chump change. As someone who has been here since the start on PS4, this new system feels like a complete kick in the cod piece.
  12. Yes, but we don’t “need” more than 20 different loadouts. Most people have a set loadout for particular missions. With that in mind it is not necessary to have more. I have a loadout for any mission I want to do plus loadouts to place on articulas and I’m not even at max loadouts yet.
  13. With 50 million registered players, storage is limited. Plus it gives higher mastery a bonus of not paying for slots.
  14. After fighting the exploiter orb solo, my only feedback would be to possibly scale the coolant raknoid spawns based on the number of players. It can cause the fight to drag on much longer than it should.
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