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  1. I like this idea with the day and night cycles. Could even make it where night is too cold to be on the surface so going underground would be necessary. Deimos is it’s own celestial body separate from Mars so it’s terrain and visuals can be vastly different than its host planet which is why moons are great for open worlds. Means they can be anything DE wants them to be. If the Orokin can terraform the most hellish planet in the origin system, anything is possible. I personally think the perfect spot would be a vast open area on Mars’s equator. Even before the terraforming con
  2. The necramech farm is so mind numbing that I gave up after a few days. I’ll come back to it eventually when I get really bored of other games. As of right now I’d rather drive thumbtacks into my finger than to farm the new system.
  3. The build can be cancelled. A new type of system doesn’t need to be put into place simply because players fail to read carefully. It’s a mistake you will likely only make once.
  4. It used to be really fun before the self damage changes that make you stagger with any weapon blast within 50 meters. It’s a bit ridiculous when you can’t even use your amp’s alt fire without staggering yourself.
  5. While a vote kick function would be misused, I strongly agree that railjack owners need to be able to have complete control to take over any station and lock / assign refinement. Every single time I host a public railjack, I get some wannabe Maverick jumping on the pilot seat and parking 10 from the object that continually sends ram sleds in pairs. If it’s isn’t that, they try to fly as far away from the fighters only to try to tell people to go archwing (which is pointless with my maxed mkIII weapons and recent railjack weapon buffs). I want to be able to kick them off the station if I own th
  6. I’m right there in the same boat. The awful drop rates, token values and general poor design of these new syndicates has me dusting off older games to play instead.
  7. I lost all interest after several days of working to even break through rank two with the new token system. It feels like a complete sellout and grind purely for the sake of being grindy. I work all day only to come home and punch in on the warframe minimum wage token system. I’ll dust off some other 7 year old game until something better comes along.
  8. I honestly think the entire token system should be scrapped. Cetus and Fortuna work just fine on their systems. The old saying, “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”.
  9. I’ve read that you need to guild them in order to gain mastery similar to the MOAs.
  10. I could understand having this level of grind in the ‘intent to make money’ but the items you need to farm for in Deimos aren’t even purchasable in the market. There is no rational reason for having the tokens be 1. Worth so little or 2. Be that much of a chore to obtain. It should be one or the other, not both.
  11. I get adding challenge. I get adding more dynamic gameplay, but this entire new syndicate token system is a complete joke. PoE capture an animal get at least 500 standing, OV capture an animal get at least 500. Deimos capture 16 animals and get 1 son token. I have played since launch Andy loved all other open worlds, but this one completely takes the cake with worst gind I’ve seen. Every aspect of this new open world makes the Sibear seems like a quick farm. I remember years ago when Steve said he wanted to “reduce the grind”. Wtf happened to that mentality?
  12. Right, but a vote kick feature would get abused and there currently isn’t a way to grief in warframe. Trolling sure, but not griefing.
  13. They have. It’s called the ignore button or forum block list. If a blocked player attempts to contact or harass around the blocking system, DE can suspend or ban their account. The system works pretty well, it’s just that you have to get to the point where you need to block others. Just wait for the latest (insert popular shooter game here), and most of the toxic players fizzle away from warframe a bit.
  14. They cannot report you for not trading with them. You honestly could have simply changed your mind and there is nothing they can do. If the player reports you, DE will do nothing since you didn’t violate the terms of service or community guidelines. Only worry about reports when you actually did something wrong, otherwise a false report can have a negative effect on the reporting player for abusing the report system.
  15. Wanting to be able to duel wield any single hand pistol combination is vastly different than the point I was commenting on. You suggested splitting current duel wield pistols, many of which already have single pistol variations. I support having a gun in each hand, But I don’t support breaking up current paired secondary weapons. At the most, the secondaries that are only available in a AK/duel pistol combo should get their own single pistol variations. Then allow players to mix and match.
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