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  1. Right, but a vote kick feature would get abused and there currently isn’t a way to grief in warframe. Trolling sure, but not griefing.
  2. They have. It’s called the ignore button or forum block list. If a blocked player attempts to contact or harass around the blocking system, DE can suspend or ban their account. The system works pretty well, it’s just that you have to get to the point where you need to block others. Just wait for the latest (insert popular shooter game here), and most of the toxic players fizzle away from warframe a bit.
  3. They cannot report you for not trading with them. You honestly could have simply changed your mind and there is nothing they can do. If the player reports you, DE will do nothing since you didn’t violate the terms of service or community guidelines. Only worry about reports when you actually did something wrong, otherwise a false report can have a negative effect on the reporting player for abusing the report system.
  4. Wanting to be able to duel wield any single hand pistol combination is vastly different than the point I was commenting on. You suggested splitting current duel wield pistols, many of which already have single pistol variations. I support having a gun in each hand, But I don’t support breaking up current paired secondary weapons. At the most, the secondaries that are only available in a AK/duel pistol combo should get their own single pistol variations. Then allow players to mix and match.
  5. I don’t think separating Ak or twin weapons will ever or should ever be a thing. They have their single weapon variations and don’t need to divide a pair. Some things are as they are for a multitude of reasons ranging from insane amount of animation adding and balancing problems. Id like to see a few changes like shields be able to swap a preselect number of one-handed swords. Duel wielding any one-handed melee combination. Being able to color armor pieces individually much like the separation from syandana and armor. I understand the amount of work it takes to add a single new animation to a preexisting system and wouldn’t wish that on any animator with the arsenal size of warframe.
  6. Having used wukong in Steel Path and seeing the damage the clone was doing, I would think it uses the weapons as they are in your hand. I could be wrong, but I haven’t seen anything disproving my findings. Normally specters are just simple agro takers and not a real damage asset, but wukong’s clone can do decent damage. It might be working on the same system as Umbra’s AI. All your gear, just the AI at the helm.
  7. I’m thinking about it similar to Nidus or Baruuk. Both have “stack” based abilities but both have abilities that allow them to gain stacks outside of simply killing enemies. I get what you mean but at the same time, all current stack based frames have the ability to cast something outside of their stack requirements for functionality. The only warframe I know of that is purely dependent on a secondary specific “energy” source is Hildryn with her shields, but again can cast something from the moment of spawn. How would someone stealth with a character that requires kills to unlock abilities? The other problem is the x% of pawns. This means have two pawns cost 1 to use their fourth ability but later in the very same mission it could cost someone 50 simply due to the % that they have collected. It destroys the concept of efficiency with ability usage.
  8. Contact support if you are missing twitch rewards.
  9. While it sounds like a fun idea, having a warframe that is inherently unable to cast any ability from the start usually doesn’t work well with most gameplay styles. Think If you had Excalibur and he could use radial javelin twice before his energy pool was completely depleted. Perhaps if 2 out of the 4 abilities require pawns, similar to Nidus stacks, it would be a more fluid use frame. Lower pawn cost and allow at the very least, one ability to be purely energy dependent. Just a suggestion.
  10. I’d love to see a lunaro half court for the dojo.
  11. Slash dash. I wanna see Excalibur Umbra with celestial clone lol.
  12. While this may be true, one warframes less used ability could create synergy with another frames abilities. We have already seen that Frost’s Ice Wave and Wukong’s celestial clone are among those to remove. Both of those are fairly decent abilities that I could use effectively on several frames. Yes the hype is high and some will be disappointed, but let’s try to not hype or judge until the update actually hits. Expect the worst and hope for the best.
  13. Just out of curiosity, what does “5” look like on a PlayStation controller (platform OP uses). I’m assuming you mean “Transference”.
  14. Speaking of lack of information, which mastery test are referring to? Capture targets have always had a means of escape, which they immediately run towards once detected. Many abilities do not work on capture targets so you are better off using a high power single shot weapon or melee. Cephalon Simaris in any relay has those tests to practice before you take the test. This way if you fail, the test can be immediately repeated to figure out the solution.
  15. I go into void defense missions the same way I cross the street. Even on a oneway, I look both ways because I have not faith in humanity lol.
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