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  1. Affinity gained from all Omni tool Repairs and Forge actions aboard the Railjack is now shared with the squad! Previously, only the player who performed the Repair with the Omni tool/Forge action gained Affinity. Now, when any individual completes tasks with the Omni tool or Forge, the Affinity will be shared across all members. This is not restricted to those onboard the Railjack - those flying around in your Archwing or taking out Crewships will also benefit. The goal here is to have the efforts of one benefit all and ultimately help each other earn Intrinsics for shared activities that keep the Railjack afloat. Now players will have more of a reason to not help the lone Tenno keeping the railjack alive. This is a bad call as it takes away the reward for actually helping the ship and not just their kill count. Perhaps if this was shared across all player on the railjack, I could support it. If this is the case, give the captain (host) ability to kick affinity leeches.
  2. I have a small ghost clan that has plenty of room. Prior military and parent myself so nights (EST)are also my free time. Fully researched dojo and railjack ready for the Veil.
  3. The only sad part was finishing my railjack only to find it just sits there unable to be colors or customized in any way. Oh well just gunna have to wait for PC to be down beta testing emperian for us lol
  4. Announcement: console will see railjack summer of 2020 lol
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