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  1. Not sure if anyone noticed, but the roller floofs can get stuck inside the mod segment requiring you to manually move it as a decoration.
  2. That’s awesome, but when can we get those items as ship decorations?
  3. Or...you could level up your starter gear and be ready for rank up and move up like everyone else.
  4. They are great if you are trying to complete a rescue or spy mission in a public game where someone triggered the alarms. Although I am on console and hacking isn’t as simple as point and click on a controller.
  5. While there is a 10x one, I would love to have a 20-25 per build one. Also, sorties and nightmare missions do not allow ciphers but I totally get why you would prep some for spy.
  6. Ivara sleep arrows still grant perfect captures if you hit the animal directly. Stovers make this challenge fairly simple.
  7. I’m also a MR27 from the early days of PS4 launch. I try to help new players when I can, but I (and I’m sure I’m not alone) cannot wait to get my hands on a railjack.
  8. I tuned in hoping to hear good news about railjack soming soon only to learn about another novelty frame and that we will be waiting another 4+ months before we get railjack content on console. Gauss looks cool and all but I can’t wait to put the Space in space ninja.
  9. I was hoping to hear news that railjack would be here soon, but it looks like we “might” get it in the fall (Christmas for us console Tenno). More warframes aside, feels like a content drought.
  10. Did you send a letter or contact support directly? Because sending a letter might as well have been throwing it into the wind where are support might actually be able to help.
  11. A good trick to spot when it happens. When you spawn in your orbiter, the camera will be pulled back further than usual and snap back to normal. This is a tell tale sign that the man-in-the-wall is lurking somewhere. When this happens, just hit your menu and fast travel right to your arsenal and wait a minute. The man in the wall will vanish and you should be able to resume wandering your orbiter in peace. This works for my other friends I know that have the same issue. I also leave my operators hood up so there is no creep factor as it just looks like my typical operator. If you have not done so, I suggest you contact support regarding this issue https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  12. Is there any interest in adding a simulacrum to the Dojo? This could be one way to get players in the dojo other than for trading.
  13. One of these days DE will fix the Mercury relay skybox to not show Earth lol
  14. I’ve been playing since PS4 launch. I’m not a Draco 27. Mastery rank means something when it comes to forma and gilding. While there are many high MR players that done even know what super jump was, but I’m not one of them.
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