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  1. Perhaps if the challenge was “Complete an accumulative 60 minutes of survival”= 5,000 This way players like you can enjoy playing an hour while the rest of us plug away at it 5-10 minutes at a time all week.
  2. I wouldn’t do it for 10,000 simply because it is not fun. I would fall asleep by the 30 minute mark due to boredom. I’m a bigger fan of the passive challenges such as killing 500 eximus enemies or like this week, kill 1500. These are things you can work towards without the overwhelmingly grindy tasks. Missions with friends/clanmates are a mixed bag as well because it punishes the solo player but it is a far better option than 1 hr survival. I’ve been playing since PS4 came out and I avoid long survivals more than Vey Hek avoids being shot in the face.
  3. No. They should not replace the once 10m alert missions for an 1hr run only to get 5k standing. I can earn more cetus/fortuna standing in that time just throwing a spear blindly into the water. They received a lot of negative feedback because the general “elite” populous would likly rather run ESO or the far more efficient Excavation for relics. 60m nightwave mission need to go the way of super jump.
  4. Perhaps it has more to do with damage per bullet and not just how much lead they can throw down range. Since the first days economic ammo control has been up to the player. Mod the weapon enough and fire conservatively will always been the best way to insure you don’t run out of ammo. Or just do like the rest of us and put ammo restores in your gear wheel lol
  5. Theoretically, orb vallis would need several coolant processing facilities or one would need replacing at some point. the reality is that it’s likly just a reused asset.
  6. To be fair, warframe is asking an awful lot out of that 2005 cell phone Nintendo calls a new console lol
  7. That is a legitimate response if they actually can’t recreate the problem. I’ve had to contact support several times and every time they were more than helpful. One option could be that the problem is from the hardware or your ISP.
  8. Volt prime might be easier to farm.
  9. Yes. As you engage in combat with the corpus, they will drop beacon towers to alert others and increase your notoriety.
  10. You could just change the color in your arsenal. I don’t like 90% of the stock colors on things and DE expected this, so they gave the ability to get color packs. If you don’t like the elemental effect of a melee weapon, they also gave you the option to turn that off.
  11. I think we should just call it Nitain, you know since that is it’s name.
  12. I like the way it sounds so far. Sounds in depth and engaging. I feel like additional objectives are a great start. Some objectives might be a bit more ambitious than I would expect to see in a single mission, even raid level. Example is 75 bursas in a single mission. The main objectives don’t seem too easy or impossible. Another thing worth looking at is what rewards are there for completion. With original raids, we were rewarded with a high credit payout and unique item (arcanes). This would need something with as much incentive to make it playable. Perhaps some rotating exclusive cosmetic items. One of the biggest reasons the raids disappeared was because a small percentage of the player base could do them. It should definitely still be for high level players but not so high level that many veterans are turned off by them. I think the Hydrolist should be the hardest comparable fight to make it playable to many. It’s a great start
  13. You are essentially comparing warframes to work... Because trying to make a game feel like work is something all developers strive for /sarcasm. Just because someone has a free hour that does not me they Want to spend it doing things they Have to do. It makes the game less enjoyable overall for said person. Your entire argument in invalid as Warframe is not work and nor should it feel like work. It is the release you have after work. Some tasks are and should be more taxing, but that doesn’t me that is the benchmark we should try to push for the entire game. Yes warframe is hard for some people and it is a valid complaint among new/casual players.
  14. These are all valid enough points to not have cross-play. It would throw everything we into chaos. So I couldn’t agree more. Our economy is very different between platforms and that alone could be enough to stop cross-play. PC exclusively gets platinum discounts as login making their platinum less valuable. To do cross-play now would be like being able to use US and Canadian monkey equally. One way or the other, someone is getting the short end.
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