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  1. Thats bugged atm. I had over 5k and got the rank 3 regalia, but only 2k bonus. multiple people on reddit and the forums have had similar problems.
  2. I agree that rates are quite low, reminds me of dog days in that the missions are easy, but you need to do so many of them it becomes a slog
  3. Why does corinth's alt still stay at 90%? it was never super strong to began with, and even though it has arming distance, so does gauss's weapons and they got their falloff reduced.
  4. heat's strip does not stack, so it max out at 50%,while corrosive can stack up to 80% heat is quicker and pairs well with viral now though
  5. As long as the automate them, that would be amazing
  6. I would imagine they would have to be pretty high to get any use. i'd assume they would be between the setmods and base mods in how much they give. but even than I would doubt their would be room for them, since I mainly see them used on inaros/nidus and they have no shields so unsure how the mods would work.
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