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  1. Part of the reason why Focus abilities aren't useful is because you can spam abilities constantly to achieve whatever effect you want on a greater level. Unairu can strip a good portion of armor, Zenurik can slow and shock enemies, Marudai has a small radial blind, Vazarin can heal and defend, Naramon can disarm and open enemies to finishers. All of these abilities are very useful considering that they are "free" once you've unlocked them. If you actually had the constraint on energy, you would be using all the different Focus abilities more often because they allow you to use smaller forms of certain abilities, allowing you to save your abilities for more dire scenarios. A good case example would be, would you spend Energy on Strangledome to defend an Excavator that only has 15 seconds left to go, knowing that it will take you a minute before you get back enough Energy to use it for the next Excavator. Or would you rather just pop out with Vazarin and shield it against the bulk of enemies?
  2. Arbitrations, Eidolons, Conclave, Rivens. "But I'm done with those and I'm happy with my Rivens" does not remove those areas from the game. If you've played any other game for 2 years and there isn't a massive level cap update or an introduction of a ton of new equipment in the last 3 months, you would be complaining about the same thing in that game. Stop with this victim olympics bullS#&&#036 and just admit you want content now.
  3. With how common Archgun ammo gets, since a single box refills the whole thing compared to picking up half a magazine with other weapons, I don't think they can really buff up Archguns without just making them into better weapons than anything with a good fire rate.
  4. I don't think the games are similar enough for it to be an actual competition. If any high interest release comes out, we would see a dip in players, regardless of the genre of the game. Both games just function on very different levels unless you compare them very superficially, e.g. you shoot guns at enemies. After the initial release interest dies out and we're well into the season with plenty of people at rank 100, the comparisons will dry out.
  5. As a solution against host migration, it just creates an excuse for why there doesn't need to be anything done about host migration. It's basically a lottery on whether those dedicated servers are better for you on every individual case, and if it isn't, well tough luck, deal with 200ms or host migrations for living in the wrong place. How about this, we implement it but only in Asia and if you want to avoid host migrations, you have to put up with 400m latency on it for maybe 3 years when they decide to look at the issue again. DE has limited resources so if this was the bandaid solution to solve it, odds are, we aren't going to see any changes for a sizable amount of time since it would be reversing the value of their previous efforts. The game does pause when the Relic page pops up during Survival. Have a more safer transition upon host migration where one person designated as host, other players do not immediately connect but rather, have their game paused in the lost session to prepare for a better transition. You wait for the new host to recover the session, then that tells the other clients that the session is ready, other clients join to sync up their information with the new session. Players then hit ready and the session continues. Part of the reason why host migration transitions are rough is because the game drops them into an ongoing session just like a regular connection. Just because no one else has build the solution does not mean the problem is impossible.
  6. Therefore, your point is that because you don't have connectivity issues to another region, most likely due to good routing, that all other region will be just as good? That's not how it works, connectivity is not completely tied to geography, you can't just look at the distance and latency and say that 10km is 10ms and blame everyone not achieving that as a problem of poor hardware. Here's an example of my case. Geographically, Australia is closer to me than west coast of USA but due to the routing, my latency to Australia is higher than the west coast of USA. A friend who lives in the same country on a different ISP gets a vastly different latency and has lower latency to Australia. If you want more examples, the SEA region is generally a very good case study on weird routing and vastly different local infrastructure all within a small region. You will see plenty of cases where two same distances can have vastly different latency due to the difference is routing. In this situation, you would completely screw maybe 1/3 of the people in that region with a fixed high latency that they can never avoid. Ultimately, your solution will throw plenty of people under the bus but I suppose it's not your problem so it's fine? Dedicated servers will also cost time and money to implement into the system. It's not just flipping a switch, especially if you're keeping the old system alongside. It's just not really a good venture as opposed to doing better on host migration.
  7. You can always build for more sprint speed so it becomes a bit of a wasted augment. It would be like giving a damage ability more damage through a DoT, it doesn't open more opportunities with said ability. Makes you realize that DE jumping in on those changes closes more doors than it opens, doesn't it? All those changes could have fit themselves into augments that create an alternative to the high demand playstyle at a cost of a mod slot. A melee player would get an augment for battery charge on melee hits on KP and people obsessed with constantly trying to chase max buffs would get augments to deal with Battery drain. Meanwhile, playing at the pace DE wants you to leaves you with an extra mod slot, giving you more build potential.
  8. 1. No, you are not constantly losing battery. The battery on drains when you have Kinetic Plating or Redline active, else it maintain at 80% even when stationary. Anyways, I think it'll be better to give Mach Rush more value in combat as opposed to further throwing it down a weird niche hole. Additional battery charge overtime after (2%/s for the next 10 seconds or something) using Mach Rush would even be better than a sprint boost. It would also give Power Strength some value to the battery without screwing the base charge speed. 2. Concept's fine but definitely needs more details. 3. Just... No. 4. Considering that you only charge your battery when you're above the red marker, this is really just more Redline duration. I think a better avenue to explore for Redline is the charge. Slower overcharge but less drain, faster overcharge but high drain, etc.
  9. How about just tweaking the drain rate and charge rate? This particular problem is specifically spawned from the fact that they did 3 things at the same time, they reduced Kinetic Plating's drain, they reduced Redline's drain, and they added battery on melee hit. Large parts would already fixed by reducing the drain and raising the battery gain, which they did although I'd say they did it too much. Without even using melee, with the PC changes, you don't even need to be sprinting to actually build battery during Redline. Edit : Here's some hardcore gameplay showcase with Gauss and maximizing Redline,
  10. From patch notes : Refer to video for practical example. Defeats the purpose of centering a system about moving around when you can play him exactly like Valkyr, a frame that doesn't have a system that requires you to move around.
  11. With the changes, you don't even need Mach Rush, especially so for a melee Gauss where you can stand in front of an enemy, mashing melee for 5 seconds and see the battery increase. This was why I was against the melee hits recharging the battery. It takes away the value of keeping on the move and just put him into the same category of mashing melee while standing in front of an enemy.
  12. I had thought about this in regards to regular mods such as preventing the use of both Thermite Round and Hellfire together with a pass on their stats to close the gap, especially with Warframe mods. However, mods that have multiple stats, particularly Nightmare mods got thinking about how to handle them without tipping the scales in either way. Constitution and Drift mods would definitely need a lot of help in this scenario. One thing I thought of is that multiple mods on the same stats give diminishing returns to give people the choice of stacking and to cut down the runaway train scenario. Rivens are a much deeper case because of the fluctuating stats and the random element. They also exist outside of the normal game so trying to really control would be pretty difficult without incorporating them into the game's progression. One particular issue I see with this, outside of the stat problem where you can completely gimp yourself with a low disposition weapon, is that the potential 2 or 3 slot convenience would be extremely powerful resulting in a same problem different cause. The potential end result would be that you have to implement some form of restriction to modding entirely or people would just take that 10% damage, 10% multishot and 10% critical hit to fit in 2 more elemental mods. To prevent the lower disposition Rivens with mediocre rolls from being horrible, you would need to rebalance the stat and the dispositions so that they are at least in line with Serration, Split Chamber, etc. If you don't do this, anything less than a good roll would become quite weak. Now that Rivens are comparable to regular mods but are potentially 3 mods in a single slot, you give good Rivens a very significant advantage that may be horrible for the game as a whole. This might lead to people actually building to make up whatever lost damage with more Critical or Elemental mods, resulting in more damage. You now have to place in some level of restriction to prevent people from using the extra slots to get more damage again and potentially do a massive pass through on all existing mods. Without any form of restrictions, we would just end up in the same situation where good Rivens are ridiculously strong because they free up space without penalizing stats, allowing you to build more damage. The main difference is that now bad rolls with low stats can end up as a massive penalty by cutting your damage by half while only offering you a utility stat.
  13. Which also feeds into part of my point. I'm aware I'm handicapping myself by building Shields (Primed Vigor + Redirection + Adaptation) and I do it mostly as a principle at this point against the exponential Health/Armor system. Even with this handicap, I've had no issues keeping up with other tanking options. The only key deaths I remember are, Running into 3 80+ Bombards without Kinetic Plating active (I get lazy to keep it on, especially towards the end of a wave) Standing still at the end of a Corpus defense wave and dying by a grenade without Kinetic Plating Getting Kinetic Plating dispelled by a Demolyst Toxic Ancients at 100+ This was before all the changes as well. Kinetic Plating is incredibly strong and with the recent changes, 60% uptime on near damage immunity and knockdown immunity is ridiculous. As for knockdown resistance, I run Primed Surefooted when possible. I spend a lot of time Aim Gliding to preserve momentum while being able to shoot so not falling to the ground helps a lot. Kinetic Plating is completely immune to knockdown so you don't even get the blocking animation, a massive convenience on top of saving you a slot and 16 cost. I still run Primed Surefooted on Gauss though since I have the space to afford it and I don't use Kinetic Plating until I know I need to keep it active to stay alive.
  14. I find him to be a tad bit stronger in potential than Wukong and Wisp when it comes to taking hits because of the complete Knockdown/Stagger immunity with Kinetic Plating. I spent about 2 weeks or so grinding Arbitrations with Gauss and one of the things I've noticed, especially during level 100+ Infested, is that a lot of people will get absolutely destroyed if an Ancient knocks them down and sometimes, they don't even get the opportunity to get off the ground to do anything before they're dead. Even Prime Surefooted will leave you with some openings. Granted, I get one-shot by Toxic Ancients, but that's only from Infested which is to be expected since I am also running a high Shield build. Meanwhile, knockdowns are plenty among all 3 factions, placing Gauss almost into inverse old Mag territory.
  15. Old parkour wouldn't work anymore with how Jupiter is designed. I think it's good that they went for a more free form movement system with omni-directional wall hopping as opposed to the extremely stiff wall running. Things like running up and along walls got really horrible to perform and look at when you had to chain them. Personally, I find the problem to just be that bullet jumping is way too much with how it's usually faster than basic sprint speeds and it done by tapping 2 buttons.
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