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  1. But Bullet Jumping does not get you through walls and doors. It's a different case when you have physical terrain obstructing you between your starting point and the objective. Ultimately, the key differences is that Bullet Jumping past crowds of enemies is still relatively risky, the terrain will determine how effective it is, and you can have new enemies and functions that can impede a player's progress without resorting to hard lockdowns. Compared to Itzal's Blink in space, unless we're going to turn the mission into a Trench Run, there's virtually nothing you can really do to impede a Itzal bypassing a large distance with whatever threat you put there outside of scripting the fight to prevent you from advancing or completely locking out abilities. Maybe you'll fix the usage disparity between the different Archwings but that's not what my point is about. My point is that Itzal's Blink is potentially damaging to Archwing game modes, particularly the upcoming Railjack, set in an open area because it can be easily used to bypass design intent. What if the prerequisite task is to approach a heavily defended target? The thing is that the Itzal currently has two of the most powerful things that can be used to ruin a lot of gameplay. Blink removes all threat over a distance when traveling as it can be used to bypass slow downs from the Tractor Dreegs, lockdowns from the Zeppelins, and danger zones like the Fomorian's laser. It also has Penumbra, a stationary cloak which would fill the other half of the game when you're not moving. If it's defending a point, you can sit off to the side while cloaked and just shoot down everything that comes close. If it's chasing down a target, you can remain in complete safety by staying cloaked while stationary to shoot and then warping to pick up the objective key and warp far out of combat. If it's destroying multiple Shield Generators, it's just adding more waypoints for you to Blink between since there is virtually no threat when enemies can't catch you.
  2. Because it will influence the design of the mission heavily to not stack the favor entirely towards everyone running Itzals to completely bypass a segment. Instantaneous movement in a map with little to no obstructions such as an Astroid belt can spell disaster in a lot of game modes. Consider the Fomorian problem beyond just what is presented within that mission. Scale it up, add more threats, raise the distance, increase the objectives, etc. The only lesson you can take away as a developer trying to develop a new game mode is that having any form of risk such as the Zeppelin and the Fomorian's laser is made completely moot the moment an Itzal is in play. The fact that you consider the meat of the mission to be shooting multiple points on a stationary target is exactly how bad the problem is. You have completely ignored and made useless a section of a mission, why do you think the Zeppelins are placed there for and the Fomorian fire a massive beam at you? You can argue that they are poor execution in an attempt to stop you, yes, but what would be capable of stopping an Itzal's Blink from advancing beyond just completely disabling abilities? The reason why the Itzal's Blink sits in a dangerous position is because it would effectively cripple development on a game mode. In its current iteration, if you don't want players to immediately bypass every potential danger over distance by mashing Blink till they can board, you will have to specifically disable boarding until very specific objectives designed to prevent this or you would have to disable Blink anyways. And no, making people shoot some Shield Generators would not be a sufficient stopper, it would just make people use the Itzal more to warp between points faster. I don't want Railjacks to be a scripted fight like the Exploiter.
  3. If you added in Railjack and there is an amount of unobstructed distance between your ship and theirs, Blink would completely remove everything within that space because mashing it would be treated as if they never existed. You make the comparison between each of the different Archwing but link it by to K-Drives, why? If you took K-Drives out of the question and put into a speculated Railjack mission where boarding is meant to be risky, the Itzal's Blink is a very dangerous ability to give to players as seen from Fomorian missions.
  4. I don't really see any intent for them to make K-Drives anything more than what they are now. There just isn't much room to work with to come up with anything to give it a functional role against other alternatives. If they did, they would be coming out to say what they hope to implement and achieve with K-Drives. We should attempt to address the K-Drive problem and the Itzal as completely separate problems. Which then begs the question, do K-Drives really need a superior role to Archwings such as speed rather than just an environment where it will prove to be more convenient. Personally, the excuse of the comparison of K-Drives to Archwing is a red herring to the actual discussion. While working on Railjacks, they probably realized that the Itzal's Blink would allow them to bypass large areas too quickly, bypassing design intent. They likely brought up the comparison to K-Drive because some people mentioned that K-Drives are in a bad functional spot and they didn't want to come out one day and say, "Yeah, we're nerfing the Itzal's Blink because we realized it's game-breaking 3 years after". You can't blame them though, the idea of Railjacks wasn't unlikely in their minds when they made the Itzal.
  5. With the recent update, it now blends both your Primary and Secondary color in most cases. Originally, you could have blue fire over purple lights. Now, it will just blend both colors, giving you a bluish purple with very little distinction between the purple and blue. This effectively reverts the game to before Secondary color was even implemented in many cases, resulting in 1 step forward, 1 step backwards. With Primary Red and Secondary Yellow, the current update changed them to just blends into orange and paints it over most of your energy colors. The previous update allowed you to have them quite distinctly separate as seen in the image on the right.
  6. Volt's Speed and Nova's Wormhole doesn't allow you to bypass walls, corridors and doors. Space isn't a corridor with turns, corners and doorways. Unless Railjack is going to be a glorified Mobile Defense mission, instanenous movement if unimpeded can become a problem. Just look at Fomorians.
  7. This is a problem that they wanted to avoid in the first place. They didn't want people to drop their other abilities to maximize one or two and use them exclusively so they got rid of Abilities as mods that you had to equip. People would only slot one or two and use the extra slots for something else. Corrupted mods already do this to some extent and on a broader scale to make it a little more complex since dumping one stat can negatively affect the one you're maximizing. If you could fine tune which ability to dump, you would remove the penalty aspect. We already have plenty of Ability mods to begin with, perhaps too many with how they can stack. We don't really need Miasma and Spore getting more stats for nothing by dumping Molt and Contagion.
  8. I'd like to remind people about the Jordas Golem. If you don't understand what this has to do with the Itzal, think about it in relation to the upcoming Railjack. If you still don't get it, you don't understand how deeply rooted the potential problem is.
  9. Do recall that Archwings exists beyond just racing against K-Drives to get to a destination. There is a question be had on the functionality of Blink in relation to its effect and cost. If you think about this, the thought might have originally stemmed from Itzal's function in Railjacks. You see this problem with the Jordas Golem being reduced to nothing from a single Itzal warping behind him constantly or reaching the Formorian in seconds after the mission starts.
  10. This is where Rivens are supposed to come in but they may have jumped the ball a little too quickly with dropping the disposition by quite a significant amount while the Tiberon got the opposite treatment until quite recently.
  11. Within their weapon classes, those weapons are probably more highly used than say, the Magnus, Kraken, etc. Especially with the Vandal/Prime variants for some of them such as the Lato and Vasto. If you're comparing it outside of its category, such as comparing the Aklex to the Arca Plasmor, then yes, it may seem weird that the Aklex doesn't have double or triple the disposition of the Plasmor but within the category of Dual Semi-auto Pistols and conventional Secondaries, the ones getting their disposition reduced are still one of the stronger choices. If we're going to ignore categories and match everything to the top meta, a ton of weapons would shoot up to max disposition simply because 8 out of 10 people are holding a Arca Plasmor, Ignis or Amprex.
  12. Not everyone sees a Riven stats going from 150% to 110% as the end of the world. Rivens are still stronger than almost any other mod you could replace them with unless you're intentionally trying to compare the worst roll in the world to prove a useless point.
  13. There are plenty of games that provide some level of PvP without just pitting one player character against another. While this idea holds weight, I don't think it will ever provide you a fair return within Warframe or as a standalone product. It may sound easy but you're taking an enemy unit, rigging it to an extremely scaled down player controls and animations, creating a completely new game mode and the results would likely not be as satisfying to play as the original game. It would be like playing Conclave with Operators that have 0 Energy and none of the interesting Amp parts. People generally play Warframe and stick to it because of Warframes. We don't really develop any attachments to the enemy factions so it wouldn't be likely that many people are hoping for a day where they can run around slowly as a Corpus Crewman. You lose a lot of appeal of the gameplay(Gunplay, movement and melee) when you remove or reduce those parts in a side game mode. It would be like tacking Star Wars Battlefront as Force Unleashed's multiplayer where you're going to remove 90% of the gameplay appeal of the original game. As a standalone product, it doesn't have enough brand recognition to draw in players. Star Wars Battlefront draws in people because many people recognize the brand. In a game like Warframe, it would be better to consider other forms of PvP beyond just having player A shoot at player B. There's the option of a more directly competitive PvE much like some Tower Defense games do.
  14. This is assuming that the goal of Rivens is to achieve a usage statistic of 100%/(No. of weapons) and numbers above are reduced and numbers below are increased. The Lanka still sees a visible usage difference between something like the Ferrox within the context of Eidolons and without. If you look at the changes for all the Sniper Rifles, all of them except for the Snipetron received a reduction so it's not outside of the question that they were tweaked down particularly from Eidolon usage, especially the Rubico. The Disposition thread itself mentions that they do have another means of determining a sort of Disposition order based on the functionality of a weapon. That list is more than likely a guideline of where the disposition of a weapon would range and a rough usage target based on the functional capabilities of a weapon, e.g. Arca Plasmor ranging from 1 to probably 3 due to close enough aim mechanics. Where between 1 and 3 would then be determined by usage but it would have a higher usage target in comparison to the Lanka due to it's general capability being more friendly to use, which results in the Lanka not being massively ahead.
  15. The reasoning behind this is because if you lower it by increments, you will eventually hit a point where the weapon stops becoming the default meta with raw power and people will start to move away from the weapon. It's a pretty common balancing strategy especially where usage is involved since you can gauge the effect of each decrease and stop when you have achieved the desired target usage. Realistically speaking though, dropping it to 1 Disposition would just create more work on their end. If you drop a weapon from 5 Disposition to 1 overnight, you would go way beyond your target usage, which means you would then have to raise the disposition anyways to try to increase the usage stats. Unless they decide to throw arrows in the dark with how they increase the disposition and create an extreme rollercoast from 5 to 1 to 4 to 1 to 3 and finally stopping there, you would be doing the same thing now, except you added a pointless step now of reducing the disposition to nothing.
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