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  1. What's stopping you from double checking your action before you reach the confirmation dialog? If you're having second doubts and you're backing off of a confirmation dialog, that dialog is doing it's job right. The second time you've gone through the process, you would be more aware of what you are doing, as opposed to eventually pushing that carelessness to the confirmation dialog where you might accidentally hit the wrong button. The game already gives you a prompt with Forma type that you are about to use as well. Also, for Valence Transfers, the confirmation requires you to type the word transfer, it is not a simple confirmation screen. It leads the error down to 2 possible routes, you failed to understand what you were doing, or you refused read the prompt and skipped to the last step of typing in transfer.
  2. So basically, CONFIRM CANCEL Sounds like a great prompt box for every single action in the game. If I missed out any specific detail or if any detail can be misinterpreted, that's another new thread complaining about how the system needs to be explained more clearly and people coming in saying that the UI needs to be even more detailed and clearer. If a person doesn't understand the term being used but still hits the confirm button, the responsibility and consequence of it rests entirely on him, especially since it isn't maliciously worded to trick players in the first place. It also wouldn't make a difference with people who skipped the explanations and demand that the game is in the wrong. This thread would still exist because it falls into either of these two categories, which means we will eventually need 1 massive page of explanation, a video guide, an interactive tutorial and a quiz that requires a 100% score to use Valence Transfers.
  3. One of the core mechanics of Abilities is Energy Management and it was largely prevalent in the early game before you had Efficiency mods, Arcane Energize and Zenurik. If you wanted to return the power dynamic of Abilities against the enemies to what it is when you start the game, you will need to look at the whole Energy system. Guns never really had an ammo issue as a whole so the only way they can scale is to scale up in damage. Abilities not only scaled up in damage, but in range, duration and efficiency which is why it doesn't make sense for them to compete with weapons when it comes to raw power.
  4. I had my MOA turn into a Thrall by a friendly Lich and it literally fell apart.
  5. It's a decent effect. It's value is more situational than the other 3 but it does has its area where it excels. It's a good damage bonus when hitting multiple enemies in a tight cluster and it stuns a group of enemies when you're just hitting one of them. The nature of the game is what makes the effect weaker than it really is with enemies either dying before you can form a tight enough groups, dying instantly from direct hits so you're better off just shooting each of them once, or the opposite extreme of having to dump a ridiculous amount of damage and armor reduction to kill a few enemies. Toxin and Heat are the outliers with Toxin essentially breaking a game mechanic completely and Heat targeting one of the most broken mechanics in the game, Armor.
  6. Had some information off-memory with some of the odd throw mechanics but I figured I'd do some extra testing to provide more comprehensive details. Charge Damage : Applies to the explosion on both Throwing modes. The impact of the Glaive on targets is not affected. Charge Speed : Reduces Heavy Attack charge time in Melee mode. Attack Speed : Reduces charge time in Dual-Wield. Worth noting is that while the charge mechanic does seem to indicate that you need to time it on the blue marker, you don't actually need to do that to perform a Charged Throw. You can hold it down to completion and it will still perform a Charged Throw meaning Attack Speed does not impact it negatively. Combo multiplier : Similar to Charge Attack, only applies a damage bonus to the explosion in both modes. Combo is only consumed on the explosion. The hits from the throws will build Combo if not detonated. Critical Chance : Explosions do not have any critical chance so they are only applied to the hit portion of the throw. It boils down quite a bit to what purpose does your Glaive serve. The Orvius is definitely the outlier of the bunch in how you build as it's remote bomb means it will always do a detonation on the target it hits. This probably won't work as well with most other Glaives as they have to be manually detonated (Power Throw do not seem to detonate them anymore). You will want to go with Combo > Charge Damage since Charge Damage do not seem to provide the full damage multiplier while Corrupted Charge will essentially double the explosion damage off the bat(2200+ to 2600+ with Killing Blow vs 2200+ to 4400+ with Corrupted Charge after Damage/Elemental mods). You can somewhat build a bouncing Glaive (Falcor is pretty good for this due to homing mechanics but has poor Crit stats to really showcase its value) that relies on Blood Rush to bounce between multiple enemies, racking up combos for more critical damage. Can't give any certainty on its value though, the hit portions of the throws are generally really weak in comparison to the explosion, that can build up damage from both Combo and Charge Damage. Maybe if you can maintain a big multiplier with high Critical Damage, it might be an interesting alternative to bombing yourself with some unlucky bounces. Might have some niche uses with Weeping Wounds as a crowd status applicator as an alternative. As a backup melee weapon, Glaives are in a pretty weird spot with Dual-Wielding being pretty bad. The sweeps are decent but it lacks reliable functionality with its only key value being that the 3rd swing will knock enemies in front of you down. It also gimps your jump attack into a single spin per jump as opposed to the Melee-mode repeatable 3-part spin. A bouncing Glaive would be better for this role and if you do intend to use it to sweep enemies nearby in Melee mode, it can perform surprisingly well with Range mods. Due to the general oddities with Glaives, I find myself mostly focusing on core Damage + Elemental + Primed Reach just to level it off to a decent all-rounder. Unless it's the Orvius, the explosions are not the most reliable thing and while a bouncing Glaive will perform decently as an actual melee weapon, I don't want to have to deal with sustaining the combo.
  7. Skill checks are primarily determined by the lowest denominator. Handicapping yourself to create difficulty isn't so much of a skill check. The easiest way to explain the skill check vs gear check scenario in Warframe is to think of the easiest solution to a mission that is easily achieved and comparing it to the most average case outside of the meta. Level 100 Mobile Defense with Limbo vs Atlas and solo Profit-Taker with Chroma vs almost every other frame are two big examples that come to mind. There is an extremely drastic gap between those cases, which is why the game leans more heavily towards a gear check, the amount of player input can be reduced so massively that no amount of skill can really put you up against the easiest solution.
  8. Unless it's a very miniscule amount and a virtually useless value, you're going to create a frustrating specialization grinding game that puts newer equipment behind an annoying wait timer. Elsword has the ERP system similar to this with really tiny numbers but after grinding for a year, you will begin to see very noticable differences. 0.35% or 0.2% doesn't sound like much but when you are 200 levels in, which is months of mindless grinding, you have 35% more damage and 20% less cooldown which can bump you to the threshold of nuking enemies to death rapidly. What makes it worse is that you want it to be to individual equipment, incentivising players to specialize with old formulas for the rest of their life to avoid losing 6 months of grinding on the Rubico Prime, ignoring all other sniper rifles that isn't an absolute power creep. The only way you can do this without upsetting the game's design is if the bonuses are account-wide and if the bonuses are very minor. However, you walk a really fine line between a useless time sink with an extremely poor return and something that will hinge the game further into curbstomp land where the older players are sweeping gameplay away even more than what we have now. We don't really need the game to be easier for the older players who already have everything. It'll open the game up to more complains about being too easy, being too grindy or being frustrating to anyone who hasn't been playing for more than a year constantly.
  9. I've been saying this for months every time someone comes up with the totally unique and new solution to cross play which is cross platform saves, it's a lot more complicated than just implementing the system. There's been a number of threads on the topic pop up over time but originally, they were usually an extension of cross play when people bring up the fact that version differences would make it really awkward with a single hotfix potentially disabling it for months. Most of the time, these complications that you bring up are usually skimmed by the person suggesting it, leading to no further discussions beyond just "But game X did it so why can't DE do it?" Something to add to the complication is that due to the nature of PC Discounts and how the PC Platform receives updates ahead of time, you run a risk of people just exclusively stocking Platinum on the PC to purchase new equipment ahead of time at a discounted price, which in turn, drains the sales out of the consoles. Guy on console logs into PC for discount tickets, purchases a large sum of Platinum and parks it on his account. A new major update is released on PC and it features a package deal with all the new weapons and frame. He purchases it at 30% of it's real world currency equivalent because he has a large amount of Platinum sitting on his PC wallet from an old 70% discount. It's not particularly difficult to implement a "Content not yet available" placeholder built into the game to address this non-existent weapon, it's just a defaulter when something is either not found, or empty weapon placeholders ahead of time. When the consoles are updated, you get immediate access to the weapons you bought on the PC and you've essentially paid them at less than half the price compared to someone who plays exclusively on the consoles. From a financial standpoint, it doesn't really make any logical sense for the console platforms. Honestly, my expectations for it is either the idea falls apart eventually due to negotiations being bogged down by all these, or DE takes complete control of Platinum purchases, does some marketplace synchronizing on all platforms and consoles get a cut from the spending instead of purchase. Provided they get the negotiation down.
  10. Close enough aim mechanics is generally always valuable up to the point where they don't deal enough damage to kill things. Together with the significantly higher reliability over the Akarius' magazine/ammo stats, it takes the overwhelming ease of use of an explosive weapon and combines it with the convenience of assault rifles. There's also the issue of the Akarius' homing not being particularly ideal when it comes to sweeping crowds, you don't really want your entire magazine flying into the lone Butcher in the front. Ultimately, it just hurts weapons weapons like the Soma, Braton and Stradavar even harder. Assault rifles are valued for their overall reliability against crowds and single targets but because the game ramps up between everything dying to certain things not dying in a really short window, in the areas where everything dies instantly, splash damage becomes an incredible advantage. Meanwhile, in the other extreme where the Acceltra isn't killing the entire room instantly, you're not going to get better results with the Soma, especially when less of your shots are going to hit.
  11. Rifles as a whole got screwed over the years, Full-auto and Semi-auto. Right now, the only thing they do well at is mopping up Butcher and Lancers (enemies where every other weapon is absolute overkill) in the later half of the game as ammo drain and sustained aim makes them really bad at dealing with the constant flow of large targets or enemies with way too much health. The overlap between Sniper Rifles with Semi-autos and Shotguns with Full-auto puts them in an especially bad spot since in both cases, you can usually build those other weapons to function better than their Rifle counterpart in their own areas. Sniper Rifles can easily triple the damage, resulting in Semi-autos actually being less ammo/magazine efficient. (6 instant kill shots vs 1 ~ 6 shots on a 20 magazine) Shotguns can rip through weaker crowds with single pellets while still able to deal with large enemies quickly with proper aim. The gaps between Butchers and Heavy Gunners could be pulled closer much like what they the Railjack enemies to help. The only road you can make for Rifles without just making them the next DPS machine is to give them their advantage of convenience back. As long as the game requires you to constantly dump ammo on a headshot for 3 sustained seconds or a single shotgun shell/sniper round, that advantage of convenience leans towards the other weapons. It doesn't help when 5 Lancers and Butchers are often times less of a threat than 1 Bombard too. The other options is headshots needs to be a lot more valuable, which gives fire-rate a distinct advantage. Right now, fire-rate is mostly just a DPS alternative with a ammo efficiency penalty so if a weapon has a higher fire-rate built in, it eventually becomes a disadvantage.
  12. They tried to dial it back but people were unwilling to see the mountain behind the forest. Odds are, we will never see any effort from DE on this since the've been burnt hard once. People were literally complaining that by preventing abilities from overlapping, they were worse off with choices, a complete inversion of variety.
  13. Because things are not always designed in a vacuum. I gave you a mechanical reason to why it is the way it is. I believe specters also obey the stardard void mechanics so it doesn't present a potential for exploitation. If that explanation is too difficult to comprehend, balance reasons. Is that suffice? Or is your odd vague consistency point more relevant?
  14. Potentially as a precaution to prevent Limbo from shielding a bunch of Exalted weapons from killing drones in absolute safety. Things not affected by the Drones would be frozen in Stasis while things buffed by the drones will be pulled out of the void and be unable to do any damage. Meanwhile, there is no reason why you should ever leave the Catacylsm if you can sweep everything down the corridor, including the drone.
  15. Where does it say that? Unless you're talking about a previous update, I don't see how Elites are affected.
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