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  1. convite enviado, desculpa a demora
  2. aparenta tar tudo e ordem iras receber invite assim que possivel. https://steamcommunity.com/id/iron_sting
  3. is the clan event coming at the same time?
  4. yup infelizmente eu nao posso mandar inv de momento, outro lider terá de vos enviar invite assim que possivel, desculpem a demora. @DRACO_VANWOLF@JRMC@AntiSociality
  5. boas, eu ou outro lider ira te mandar inv assim que possivel boas, tudo em ordem excepto um pormenor, volta a ler as regras para saberes o que falta
  6. i gotta agree with that, still way better than before. the rewards are way too good to be earn in 5 minutes, but i agree they are not good enough to be worth 10 minutes.
  7. i did, many did, not having revives was the worst because it stopped us from playing non-tank frames and made it hard to reach the fun part, as it was before we would die from a small mistake before we could get to the fun part. this changes were the best news i got this week.
  8. Thank god, arbitrations can be fun now, thank you very much for this.
  9. Boas, sim estamos a recrutar, mas tens de ler as regras primeiro.
  10. tentei enviar inv mas nao dá porque ainda nao saiste do clan anterior.
  11. ok, amanha de manha mando invite, se pela tarde ainda nao tiveres o inv avisame aqui que é possivel que me esqueça
  12. im unable to play warframe until April, will i be loosing something exclusive?
  13. boas, sem problemas, seras bem vindo, no entanto deves fazer 1 ou 2 coisas que te faltam nas regras
  14. nice, i always understood the original concept of rivens and never invested too much on a riven knowing they are meant to balance low-tier weapons to be usable in endgame on the same level as top tier weapons. but after a long time of DE not re-balancing rivens many players just forgot the purpose or were just not informed properly and ended up investing too much into getting those very expensive "godly" rivens not aware that it was not the way it was meant to be and would get re-balanced eventually, and now they complain and feel miss-rewarded, but i think i do have a solution that makes almost everyone happy with the riven re-balancing: every riven that gets nerfed, players that own such riven get a small portion of the kuva invested on it, for example: if opticor riven gets a nerf and i have one opticor riven with some rolls i get a small but fair portion of the kuva spent on it, even if i bought it from someone else, this way i wont feel like wasted kuva/plat, the only players the wouldn't be happy would be those that bought a "godly" riven with nearly no rolls for an huge amount of plat, therefore getting nothing back. but other than that small group of people everyone else would be happy.
  15. esqueci de avisar que isto foi estendido para meses, espero voltar ao activo em março, até lá conto com o@JRMC e @Draco_VW
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