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  1. So Nezha is finally out, but can only be obtained from Sortie rewards. This is a phenomenally bad idea for several reasons:


    He's potentially only available to players that can play for this particular 15-day stretch.

    He'll stick around for another reward cycle, meaning the rewards become less valuable.

    He'll be added in some other way once this "season" is done, which would make the rewards even less valuable than if he stuck around in the pool for multiple seasons.

    Players unable to participate in sorties have no way of obtaining the frame outside of trading (assuming you can even trade for the parts). This is fine for weapons, since there are hundreds of those and they're all replaceable. This is certainly not fine for Warframes.


    I'm sure there are more reasons, but honestly I'm too dumbfounded to think of them at the moment. I understand that you want to make the reward pools exciting, and that you want to drive plat / market sales, but this is not the way to do it.

    it has been confirmed in the patchnotes that she will stay in sorties for all seasons...

  2. Kubrows simply aren't worth the hassle or expense of DNA stabilization.

    at least not as long as we have other super-massive creditsinks like syndicates with the limited options of aquiring credits

  3. I would much rather have a blueprint that somehow combines forma.

    like forma lvl 2 requires 2 forma's and lets you change 2 polarities. 

    Forma lvl 3 allows 3 polarity changes.


    This would drasticly reduce the time needed to relevel all those weapons, while keeping the forma as a cost.

    best suggestion i've seen here yet

  4. No, MOAs were already a thing, seeing as how his father referred to his creation as a MOA, implying he had prior knowledge of the type of robot his son was building. He also described the type of MOAs from his days after his son asked him if his was anything like the ones he remembers from the Empire days "...yea, we had ones that walked on two legs like that.."

    no, that implies that the orokin used MOAs, however the kid apparently built a replica with simpler tech after their fall, which would eventually become more refined and mass-produced for the hordes of syntethic foes the corpus throw at their enemies today

  5. What frames are good with defense? Most I can think of is Ash (because 4th ability) Ember Prime (Because of abilities 2-4) and Excalibur (Because 4th)

    ash is terribad for defense because while he uses 4 he is untargetable and the enemies focus on the defense-objective instead


    frost is good cuz snowglobe and nyx is good cuz chaos makes the enemies kill themselves, in addition to being able to mindcontrol a strong enemy to defend for you and provide another target

  6. oh dear, a teamwork-oriented mission that's so hard without communication? How absurd! Too bad though, coz that's exactly what raids are supposed to be. It's not something you enter with randoms who do their own thing and expect to clear.

    yes, exactly why i said that these are a no-no for random groups, will have to see how it goes with an at least semi-organized group once people get the hang of this

  7. Can anyone figure out what parts he requires? I had a Frost Chassis ready for the first part, but I need to know if he needs Ember/Volt/Saryn parts for the remaining parts.

    ember helmet, saryn systems, volt helmet

  8. waaaaaaaaaahhh waaaaaaaahhhhhh wahhhh QQ 


    That's all I hear.


    2 hours sounds good to me as long as each moment is suspenseful 

    that's the problem: it isnt


    the puzzles are frustrating at best without proper communication, so randoms are a big nono for this, and the constant barrage of ultra-high level enemies that keep knocking you off the puzzle-platforms... yeah, nothx

  9. This is a bad idea and DE should just revert it back to old way. I don't want to be gated by Rep which is just another time gate by the way which this game has to much already to implement more would be tedious.



    no, do not REVERT THE CHANGE


    keeping R5-packs to T4 will only do one thing: lock out new players from the only way to get fusion cores in reasonable amounts for those goddamn 10-ranks


    if at all they should revert the change to T4-tables while keeping the packs in the starchart with current/slightly better droprates and/or less diluted A-rotation (seriously, 2k creds or an uncommon core on pluto?) - each one gotten would be a treasure-trove for every new player while vets can just farm T4 until they keel over for all the cores they need

  10. I believe that adding R5 core packs to Solar System isn't meant to replace T4 Survival, I believe it's to aid new players and also add more of a reward when farming resources or Void Keys in the Solar System.

    this is indeed what i think its meant to be, and reasonable to boot: needing high-ranked mods to access the best source for cores (T4) was a conundrum in the first place that left new(-ish) players out


    I think DE is planning something. Apparently, DE is giving us more and more R10 mods. I love it, but of course not able to really power up any of them yet. Rather, I'm holding back my comment and feedback on this one -- just waiting to see what DE has in store.

    inb4 0.1% chance for legendary cores for raids

  11. basically the title





    when dying as Mesa while her 4th skill, Peacemaker, is active allows you to use your primary weapon while bleeding out instead of your secondary


    i had this happen thrice during the mission where i took the screenshot, so it is reproducable (though confirmation through another player would be appreciated)

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