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  1. I apologize for resurrecting an old thread, but this does appeear to be a bug, and it appears to still be in the game. A base Mutalist Cerenos has: 369 Impact 20.5 Puncture 20.5 Slash and 5 Toxin (410 Immediate damage, 5 / Status Tick) Applying a proc mod such as Stormbringer (75%) Yields: 369 Impact 20.5 Puncture 20.5 Slash 307.5 Electricity and 8.8 Corrosive (717.5 Immediate damage, 8.8 / Status Tick) So this mod alone added 75% damage immediately, AND 75% damage to the Status effect. However, adding an additional proc mod (on top of Stormbringer) such as Hellfire (75%) We get: 369 Impact 20.5 Puncture 20.5 Slash 5 Toxin and 7.5 Radiation (410 Immediate Damage, 5 Toxin per Status Tick, and 7.5 Radiation, not sure how it applies) It appears that when using multiple proc mods on the Mutalist Cernos the damage calculation is based off the status damage only, and not the weapon damage. I will concede that I am not well versed in how WF calculates mods in general, so this may be an intended effect due to a situation from a different weapon. However, I believe that Using multiple mods that each contribute damage on their own, and having the resulting combination deal less damage than either mod individually is not in the spirit of what should be happening. This might even be an undocumented yet intentional case for weapons that have AOE statuses. Although it would be nice to have better communication in game about when this comes into play, Or having a way to choose which mods contribute to the AOE, and which to the direct damage. However, due to the fact that a single mod affects both the direct damage AND the AOE effect, again leads me to believe that this is a bug. WF Version 30.3.5
  2. Apparently one can just drag the chat window around. I did not know this. So, I guess its not a bug. Not sure when it jumped up there though. Keeps happening. Looks like it is a bug.
  3. Immediately after updating to Hotfix 30.3.5 I noticed that the chat overlay moved up on my screen. It stays there between missions, and opening / closing has no effect on it. I closed and re-opened the game, and yet the issue persists.
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