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  1. I apologize for resurrecting an old thread, but this does appeear to be a bug, and it appears to still be in the game. A base Mutalist Cerenos has: 369 Impact 20.5 Puncture 20.5 Slash and 5 Toxin (410 Immediate damage, 5 / Status Tick) Applying a proc mod such as Stormbringer (75%) Yields: 369 Impact 20.5 Puncture 20.5 Slash 307.5 Electricity and 8.8 Corrosive (717.5 Immediate damage, 8.8 / Status Tick) So this mod alone added 75% damage immediately, AND 75% damage to the Status effect. However, adding an additional proc mod (on top of Stormbringer) s
  2. Apparently one can just drag the chat window around. I did not know this. So, I guess its not a bug. Not sure when it jumped up there though. Keeps happening. Looks like it is a bug.
  3. Immediately after updating to Hotfix 30.3.5 I noticed that the chat overlay moved up on my screen. It stays there between missions, and opening / closing has no effect on it. I closed and re-opened the game, and yet the issue persists.
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