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  1. So change umbra forma to just add a second filter to the slot, so an umbra mod can always fit in, while allowing us to keep the polarity open for the other builds you have? Aren't we finding this already?
  2. This idea makes me think of Jak 2 and jak3, they had a ship that took you to both open world maps.
  3. I think her passive should be not falling into those invisible abilities resettimg holes and just floating above them?
  4. This is why I don't play any content in this game that takes more than 30 minutes of doing the same thing
  5. I love scrolling to the bottom of mainline updates, seeing it just keep going makes me feel so glad I spent too much money on this game.
  6. Will we see the wolf of Saturn six series again or is it just a 1 time alert style? With new stories that some players will definently miss out on and again miss out on lore like old events?
  7. Does DE have any future plans for the old arcane and stat cosmetics? Like the Rhino Vanguard with the speed increase and weapon skins with slight changes? I really love that helmet, will it ever get an updated texture? Is Rhino up for rework too? I would love to hear anything about my favorite frame.
  8. Fixed Staff and Polearm Zaws not hitting properly with attacks that use the bottom end of the weapon. ok that explains why I have been missing my attacks when I know it should have been a strike
  9. "Fixed Companions orbiting around you sometimes when you stop moving" I can't be the only one that will miss this.
  10. Now that we have operator tennogen, when will we get a keybinding to toggle Operator masks/helmets on and off in game, like you know whose chests?
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