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  1. 1 - How is looting going to work in the Plains ? Is the affinity range going to be increased for such a huge area ? What if someone find a really rare ressource really far away from the other tenno from the squad, do we need to go get it by ourself or is it going to work like credits, by that I mean, someone pick it up and everyone will have it at the end of the mission. 2 - How much time can we stay in the Plains ? Are things going to respawn (thank you The Stocker) or we'll just have to leave and enter the plains again ? 3 - We saw birds on Cetus & on the plains (nice shots Spa
  2. I stopped at : After that, dev bashing.
  3. You should sign your art with your IG :)
  4. Psttt, copy the direct link of the picture and "insert image from url" down right there
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