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  1. I'm not 100% sure but maybe, maybe, having this voice line is irrelevant nowadays? Especially in non-Alad-related tilesets.
  2. Does this affect Blessing (Trinity's 4) and Covenant (Harrow's 4)?
  3. I hope we get a rank limit enlargement for older players.
  4. How about keeping it as is but making it that Toxicity Reducers also reduce time left?
  5. At least, destroying a room seems to remove these otherwise non-interactable objects. That's way too radical way of dealing with either of those decorations that cannot be built or removed as a blueprint. Annihilates too much possible work and time put into decorating the room to be considered "a viable option".
  6. Two new objects, Natural Vallis Rock Fissure and Natural Vallis Orb, are bugged. They have a loss of UI functionality as soon as they are placed. Can't contribute, can't move, can't remove the decoration. Here's a video for both objects in Open Space room with a lot of capacity available. Also, Vallis Orb (large golden orb) has two more problems: 1). It's colouration on the icon and in the list is way more dark and saturated compared to what's shown as being placed. Dry Dock with default colouration/lighting is the room. 2). Default size is smaller that the minimum allowed whe
  7. I hope you'll check out some of the possibly 'forgotten' places where old UI might still be around, like, for example, randomly a syndicate guy for turning in insignias on Iron Wake.
  8. There are two things I want to say about that: 1). I hope players will be able to Subsume multiple copies of the same Warframe for the sake of Helminth XP gain, even at reduced rate. Even at 10% of the original (first) Subsumption. Note: I'm not asking here for having multiple abilities Subsumed from the same Warframe, as it's clearly not the intention yet; 2). Suggestion: allow Players to get back part of their investment into regular Warframe (if they had any) on Subsumption, let's say, as a part of Helminth ranking up system, like a Rank 7 passive would allow to keep half of the Formas
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