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  1. TYPE: UI bug (and possibly missing update part) "Configure Plexus". DESCRIPTION: In the dev workshop it was said that while in-game pre-update damage types still show up in UI. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Visit Dry Dock and go to Upgrades section with Unranked Plexus (default plating). Also problem shows up in the main Components section. EXPECTED RESULT: Instead of Chem Resistance it should've been Toxin Resistance, instead of Incendiary it should've been Heat, instead of Frost it should've been Cold and Ionic also shouldn't be there, replaced with Electricity Resist
  2. There was a case of Railjack items that required Dirac for Valence Fusion tooltip not showing how much is needed unless it wasn't enough. I hope that after Dirac -> Endo conversion we'll get the tooltip actually showing.
  3. For my special needs i WTB an akbolto riven. Option 1: + Multishot + Punchthrough A negative. Option 2: + Multishot + Flight Speed + Punchthrough A negative. Wide variety of negatives are acceptable — physical, ammo maximum, damage to infested, damage to corpus, magazine capacity, status duration, fire rate, critical chance. Two usually free negatives are not acceptable though — +recoil and -zoom. -Flight isn't acceptable for the first option. Order of positives is irrelevant, polarity is irrelevant, MR lock is irrelevant, amount of rolls is also irrelevant — i won
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