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  1. Yeah but i really do hope inaros gets a rework when inaros prime gets released
  2. Im not talking about advanced meta or big brain build, its what frame or build people will use to cheese this mode, adding 100 level also mean enemies can kill u easier n level will scale up faster in survival/defense missions So no , not anything will work, u still need a proper build and setup Do u bring a grendal and stug into kuva survival/ defense? Well if u do oh boy im sorry for u
  3. I actuallt play booben as well, the cc is good until you meet a group of nullifiers enemies, u have to quickly sort them out with your weapon or u’ll risk getting few shotted by high level enemies Also in arbitration u have to manually shoot the drone too Other than that in grineer missions booben’s cc can really hardlock anything
  4. omg thanks for reminding me i remembered i stopped at episode 5 or 6 because was lazy to keep waiting for 1 episode per week
  5. I use Umbral set + Magus Repair + Adaptation 😛 Some people's saryn have low survivability
  6. I agree with u , but if saryn can sustain without dying, her spore will keep building up dps until the enemies die As for mesa even with a very good build, it can falloff pretty quickly I also think that this is the time for utility/ cc frame to shine
  7. Yes saryn has low survivabity, but with the help of wisp , and maybe some defensive frame, she can just stay at one spot and deal dmg with her scaling spores
  8. Listed him under utility support! Could be good in some lineups
  9. Who and what weapon will conquer the steel path meta? Frames: For now im thinking scaling or nuke frames could still be used to cheese the hard mode Saryn : Scaling damage and high aoe Nuke Octavia/Vauban: For those scaling damage skills, and vauban for CC Nidus: Well he's Nidus Nova:Great CC and damage buff Mesa:Could be useful but maybe capped at 200-300 enemies? And those frame with insane survivability capabilities: Revenant: Mesmer skin is too good Wisp: Provide team buff Trinity: Has great survival capabilities Rhino: Possible with a great build, and huge enemy crowds Hildryn/Ember/Wukong/Gara: Could possibily work well? Inaros:Can be a good option, but it is very weapon dependant and doesnt provide much for the team Invisibility frame: Ash / Loki / Ivara : Invisibility frame are more build dependant, but im opting for Ash more due to his armor stripping capabilities Utility/Support frame: Oberon- For its 30m healing radius, good for supporting damage dealers Titania- I think frame that can provide team buffs could be useful Augmented: Claw frenzy Valkyr/ One punch Atlas/ Kung fu Baruuk Maybe its their time to shine? Im thinking people might even start using banshee ? Weapons: Primary: Its hard to give a say on this, probably people will use more high damage single target weapons? Or generally bleed weapons/ viral hunter munition build becos they work well on high armor targets Sniper:Rubico Prime / Komorex Shotgun: Tigris Prime/ Sancti Tigris / Kohm variants / Vaykor hek AOE weapons : Most aoe weapons Most bullet hose weapons with Hunter munition build Secondary: Gaze/Tombfinger/Pyrana Prime/ Stat stick secondary/ Kuva nukor/ Kuva Seer etc. Melee: I think any decent melee well built will work well since melee is king But anyways i believe most teams will have saryn prime to cheese the mode, and boost her survivability with wisp, what do u think is gonna be meta in this mode?
  10. I know i might be late but i googled Steel path release date and its June 25th So whens the real release date?
  11. how do i calculate the edpi of the sensitivity based on warframe's 0-100 sensitivity setting, i need the conversion to eDpi / cm/360 calculation to adjust my sensitivity for fps games
  12. Well sounds fair, but theres plenty of threads doing that already. Now i just want my tigris prime to look more glorious
  13. But what else can i desire from WF...a 3 phased Boss fight with legendary weapon drop?
  14. So i was thinking, weapon ephemeras when? I can only imagine my Soma Prime glowing with light like a +15 weapon
  15. So lets make make drop chance for every part 50% so players dont have to spend plat and obtain things easily Then let the staffs starve to death because players are not buying plat anymore
  16. So apart from the Tigris line, will we get more double barrel shotguns in the game? A grineer or corpus double barrel perhaps? 😉 Grineer - Fires heated blasts - Crit based - Moderate to high damage -Innate punchthrough - 2 Shot Single Trigger Corpus - Plasma energy based - Crit & Status hybrid - Moderate damage but higher falloff range -Quick reload -Innate radiation -2 Shot Single trigger Any thoughts?
  17. Yeah i didnt bother getting it either, but with just a little bit of investment(+cc +multi) ,pairing with vigi set, tonkor feels strong too, i found it to be a good replacement, maybe not as strong as bramma but still can 1-2 shot high level enemies with hunter munition procs
  18. Already prepared myself by investing in kuva tonkor n its rivens That Thing tears Been around since 2014, its gonna get the tonkor simulor tigris treatment, whether u like it or not
  19. Stat is as above Priced at 1500p, you're welcome to PMO or nego the price
  20. easy, lock bramma behind conclave standings
  21. This post my man, this is why calling a nerf incoming for Bramma already, If DE still dont realize bramma is too op for our current meta i should probably get drunk or smtg
  22. Give players a fame/reputation level in profile helpful players can gain high reputation level new players can give them +rep for reward non zero sumgame true endgame
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