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  1. i purchased the initiate pack for nidus and some plat and it came with the boltor, i already leveled to mastery but it doesnt show as mastered in my inventory but does when i check my index. nothing big just a small ui bug. relaunching the game has no change
  2. after multiple days of farming oberon it seems that earth proxima mission do not spawn points of interest at all. i have done over 50 railjack missions iota temple over the last 3 days and points of interest do not exist. this is incredibly frustrating as i cant even work towards a frame that is already only a 10 percent chance.
  3. done 30 railjack missions back to back on earth not on poi, i just want my ephemera. i thought collecting all the flowers is what would suck. but nope its spamming earth prox missions for hours a day to leave once youve explored the map and come back
  4. you can shoot the black hole box when its in sight, on the indoor map i kept getting dragged up into the roof because the box was above me
  5. im quiet aware of tele pads, i do index often, none of these bugs are new, also read post history on the index these complaints go back years
  6. the enemies in the index are absolutely busted and looking at the post history on it have been for years. just today ive had 4 games were friendly spectres just walking in small circles up against the wall. enemy blackholes pulling through walls and floors into the ceiling on the indoor map near constantly. as well as enemies teleporting through the floor with multiple points for them all to be deposited and running through walls. this game is a mess and basic enemy and friendly ai barely function
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