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  1. Please refer to the Acquisition section: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Affinity
  2. I 100% agree. I can't even tell you the number of times I try to switch mods around and the cursor isn't recognized properly. Or when trying to leave a group and I need to move the cursor which never starts in the center or defaults to the first menu item so I have to find its last location before I know where to move it. The cursor UI was designed by PC players for PC players.
  3. Wasn't the unified cursor UI supposed to accomplish that?
  4. I get it, you have time to do all that content right away but the thing is that not everyone else does. There is also a new resource that players need to farm and a boss to farm. But I guess on PC you got to do all that without having any other content so you think having Plague Star is great since it gives you something else to do. Except for console players we are forced to split our time between the two so in 2 weeks instead of being able to focus exclusively on Plague Star like PC players can right now, console players will have no active events. It's just bad planning and it's getting frustrating because DE continues to screw over console players.
  5. Except it is never the same. PC gets updates first and consoles roll out weeks later. So all that having simultaneous events does is make the content drought that much worse for consoles as the same content PC got over 4-6 weeks gets released in 2-3 weeks instead. Then PC gets their content first again and consoles are left with nothing new for months. But you keep telling yourself that it is the same.
  6. Feel free to show me these people that want simultaneous events. The issue isn't having lots to do; the issue is having limited events at the same time. If this had happened on PC the forums would be on fire, but since it is just consoles that are affected it's a tough luck, deal with it response. The point being that there is no benefit to having Plague Star at the same time on PC and consoles.
  7. DE controls when events go live. Don't pretend that cert messed up Plague Star's schedule.
  8. Oh please. This is the exact type of white knighting that I spoke about earlier. DE could have easily told console players that Plague Star would start after Hostile Mergers ended so get ready for it. That would have allowed console players to remain informed and prioritize current content in preparation for the upcoming event. But I guess it was our fault for asking for it to return, right? Even though there were several better options that DE could have used in this situation. Honestly, are white knights really this ignorant or do you purposely ignore facts because you won't admit DE messed up? The best part is that once the 24th comes around and Plague Star ends you know we're going to have another content drought, right? I mean maybe in July for TennoCon we might get new content but there will certainly be a gap that could easily have been filled by delaying the Plague Star ever so slightly. If DE gives us continuous content after Plague Star ends then I guess they did plan correctly, but if there is even a slight gap then it is 100% their fault for horrendous event scheduling on console.
  9. Let's take this week on consoles. We got Jovian Concord with the limited Hostile Mergers event (and Ropalolyst, Wisp and 3 new weapons, 2 of which require clan research). We got the truncated Intermission Nightwave with fewer days to complete the weekly activites. And then DE gives consoles Plague Star as well. Why?!? Why do we wait months for new content and yhen DE dumps all of this on us for no reason other than they don't plan events for consoles? So yeah, DE's horrendous planning is what leads to burnout. I don't see this as the players' fault for feeling overwhelmed as they have zero control over the release schedule. Why couldn't Plague Star release after Hostile Mergers ended for consoles? At some point the fault is only DE's regardless of how you try to blame the player for not managing their time better. Feel free to support any rebuttal with facts, just as I have.
  10. Agreed. The problem is that the white knights want us to ignore thsee problems instead of trying to improve it. I personally love when they tell us to just skip the nightwave if we have the slightest complaint about it. I think Nightwave can be great but it still needs a ton of improvements to make it approachable for everyone. The time gating is at least improved this time around as there are ways to make up missed challenges. Then again, DE refuses to give us basic QoL features like reducing forma to a 22 hour build time so we can more easily maintain a daily schedule (even Dauntless figured this out!) so it's not like they are perfect. Let's hope they will continue to gradually improve Nightwave instead of making us wait for NW2.0.
  11. I understand that having unified events is nice but you literally just released Jovian Concord for consoles this week. You couldn't delay Plague Star until Hostile Mergers was over? I understand we are second rate customers compared to PC but it would be nice if you let us enjoy events without making us wait forever and then overloading us all at once. I mean the shortened week for Intermission Nightwave was bad enough since we got a major update this week already, but Plague Star on top of that just shows how disconnected DE is with the console communities.
  12. Tons of players complained about needing alertium for Vauban Prime. DE never handled it well back then and they somehow made it worse after trying to fix it.
  13. Between nitain alerts you could literally do anything including playing any gamemode, or even not playing. It gave the player choice and freedom even if they had to be available for that specific 1-hour window to run the alert. Ghoul bounties are strictly based on RNG and your time invested is not rewarded consistently. As you noted, you are also locked into doing one type of content. And lol about easy RNG as I was one of those players with 60+ runs of Sanctuary Onslaught before my final Khora part dropped, yet I got both ephemera from Exploiter in my first 4 runs. RNG is never easy.
  14. Someone needs to do the math for the time required to complete 5 ghoul bounty stages and calculate how long, on average, it takes to earn 1 nitain extract. There is nothing quite as soul crushing as needing multiple of them and then realizing how long it would take without the old alert system.
  15. Personally seeing that we have a gap between Nightwaves I see no reason why they couldn't just have the store available and provide alternative means to acquire wolf credits so players can still purchase auras, nitain extract, alt helms, reactors, etc. Would it really cause problems to allow players the ability to use the NW store even if there isn't an active NW? DE's current solution seems shortsighted at best.
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