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  1. Probably the same person that thought navigating a menu with a controller is better with a cursor. Here we are a year later and the cursor still doesn't have an option to default to the top menu item. Forrest Gump said it best: "Stupid is as stupid does."
  2. Some of us have thousands of hours played and have fine-tuned our settings over that time. It's not a simple task to memorize all of them, especially since your default controller settings are laughably bad if you want to actually do what is possible on PC. I mean you even overwrote invert Y. I hate to say it but the way you nonchalantly screw over console players is inexcusable at this point. We can't even get an option to make alt fire a toggle so we can make weapons like Pandero work like Tiberon Prime, but you have no problem just overwriting every setting with no warning. And if I check the forums for the PC update, do you think I will find that you did the same thing to them? Of course not because you don't care the same about console players or you would have tested before releasing a patch that overwrites every single setting. 2nd rate console customers indeed.
  3. Please don't give me credit for iLeo's quote; I want nothing to do with that statement.
  4. For the record, the only tradable plat is purchased plat. Sure, as a F2P player you can acquire it but someone has to purchase it before it can be traded to you. So no, it is not unlimited; its supply is directly related to how much players spend on plat or bundles that contain plat.
  5. The catchup feature is a huge joke since you need to complete all of the current weeks weekly challenges to even get a single recovered challenge from a previous week. So let's say I didn't want to forma 3x or gild an item one week. Now I have to do all of the current weekly challenges to get those to show up again. If one of those challenges is complete 3 sorties, then I have to wait 3 days minimum to recover the forma challenge. The recovered challenges are incredibly inflexible and require you completing every current challenge in order to make up any progress you missed. Once again DE failed to understand the needs o the community.
  6. Even if they are intentionally planned that doesn't mean they are correct. The point being that DE could have selected any day/time for Nightwave to reset and they picked Sunday when the logins reset; this was 100% their choice. So for them to start Nightwave on a Weds./Thurs. (can't remember which, just know that it didn't start on Sunday-Tues.) and end it on a Friday goes against the day/time that DE selected for Nightwave to end/start. This makes it confusing as the first week of Nightwave intermission was more like 4 days and the last week is 5 days, neither of which are a full week. Add to this that most players are not on the forums or play the game every single day and someone may login on Weds. or Thurs. and not understand why the final week ends in 24-48 hours since the resets ALWAYS occur on Sunday. This is like Forrest Gump said: "Stupid is as stupid does", and DE needs to start following the logic they established for the community. If/when the community is confused that the Nightwave ends on a Friday, DE only has themselves to blame since they changed the established rules. If the change was to accommodate Tennocon then why did they start the Nightwave Intermission late in the week and not shorten the number of tiers? Again, all signs point to a poorly planned event that DE had full control over.
  7. Why are you not starting/ending Nightwave events on Sunday when they reset? Are you purposely trying to confuse the players by giving them a shortened week, or is DE really this bad at planning events? I mean Nightwave says it lasted for 7 weeks yet 1 week of that time was removed due to starting late and ending early. Then you remove credits that players earned and don't let them spend them until the weekly reset, or even until the start of the next Nightwave. Why make these basic mistakes?
  8. Is there a reason why Nightwave doesn't start on a Sunday reset and end on a Sunday reset? I mean if DE controls the on/off switch why not give players the full week of challenges instead of starting it late in the week and ending it early? Or is DE just trying to cheat players by giving them less than the full 5 weeks to complete the Intermission? To be fair, it was the same with Wolf credits as there was no reason to take them away and close the store if there was nothing to follow. Sure, the Nightwave ended but why not leave the store open and allow players extra time to spend their credits? Would it hve really been that bad to leave the store and credits available until the next Nightwave begins? All in all, Nightwave seems poorly designed and implemented by DE.
  9. I understand that having unified events is nice but you literally just released Jovian Concord for consoles this week. You couldn't delay Plague Star until Hostile Mergers was over? I understand we are second rate customers compared to PC but it would be nice if you let us enjoy events without making us wait forever and then overloading us all at once. I mean the shortened week for Intermission Nightwave was bad enough since we got a major update this week already, but Plague Star on top of that just shows how disconnected DE is with the console communities.
  10. Haha. I've been playing warframe for nearly 5 years. I'm sure you have played more than me though. The point is that since the Arca Plasmor fires a single projectile the status chance is not divided per pellet. As a result losing a small amount will have a very insignificant impact on your status chance. This is also why pellet-based shotguns need 100% natural status chance whereas all other weapons can survive with a far lower status percentage.
  11. Neglect isn't a justification to leave disposition broken though. And many dispositions were increased as well. You make it sounds like DE only nerfed everything, which is simply not true. There were also several popular weapons that were not touched. So overall many weapons had their effectiveness increased so the players did get something to offset the loss, it will just take time for them to adjust to these changes.
  12. Would you rather they just drop the disposition by 3+ for items that are proven to be too strong in the current meta? I'm sure you will enjoy watching riven prices crash overnight. The idea was cultivated from the community and it includes doing regular disposition passes along with spreading out the diposition changes over time.
  13. The thing is that this is just a first step. The popular idea was to gradually change the dispositions over time to give players time to adjust. So instead of nerfing the Lanka into the ground, DE could make a series of smaller changes over months to soften the impact on the market. This seems like the only fair way to nerf them given the years of neglect that dispositions have had.
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