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  1. Volt and Arcane Vanguard Rhino have been around since the start. Coptering since a little after that. There has always been a movement speed discrepancy between players regardless of friendship doors.
  2. The irony being that the drops are rarely worth stopping for and many speedsters only complete the objective and avoid killing enemies on the way. Also if the player in front nukes the room, it's much easier to vaccuum/fetch everything up as you run through. So if looting is your goal, having a nuker ahead is actually a benefit for you.
  3. Don't be ignorant; bullet jumping is accessible to everyone while it's predecessor, coptering, was not. And it's not like we can't go back to the Arcane Vanguard Helmet meta where everyone quick slides like Nezha or runs Volt/Gauss if bullet jumping was removed. Some players will never be able to keep up. Also, you do not have to play Warframe with others and many of us play solo as to not offend the snowflakes. Their egos are fragile if you try to suggest ways for them to improve. Take ESO for example. You are welcome to bring any frame you want but the goal is to kill as quickly as possible and if you hinder others from doing this then playing how you want is basically trolling. Is the goal of a Capture mission to chase the target around the map or to catch them as quickly as you can? And does me completing the objective quickly remove the point of you joining a public game? Because basically you are saying that I need to play at your speed so that you can feel like you helped.
  4. No one farms affinity on those objectives for this very reason and friendship doors do very little to address this problem. Spy missions, however, do a great job of addressing it since the entire team gets a large affinity bonus when each vault is completed.
  5. Oh, absolutely. There is also the problem of DE needing to come up with the idea on their own. So if the community suggests to make Vaccuum a passive on all companions then DE cannot use that idea and must come up with their own more complicated (for no reason) method of doing the same thing. So now we have to sacrifice a mod slot on every companion to fit Vaccuum/Fetch when it should just be a passive thing on Warframes (it's centered on them anyway, and Mag could get a decent passive).
  6. Are you trying to prove my point? It took them forever to add Fetch after they took years adding Vaccuum for all sentinels. There is a reason why Carrier is the most used companion by any veteran player.
  7. It wasn't backburnered behind Liches and Railjack? Don't pretend they had to work on NW3 so it took this long, they actively delayed it to work on other things. That's the definition of backburnered. EDIT: For the record, Nightwave Intermision II launched 4 months ago. Source: https://www.warframe.com/amp/nightwave-intermission-ii And my favorite is the ending of the official release: Nightwave: Intermission II will only be available for a limited time. Good luck, Dreamers.
  8. Backburnered? Like removing pet stasis? Or the third Orb fight? Or like how Riven dispositions were ignored for 2 years? Or like how the 3rd Nightwave has been on hold for what seems like forever? No, Primed Chamber was promised almost 7 years ago. DE even made it into a joke of sorts and gave it away during several devstreams or for a fun reward during Tennocon. They knew exactly what they were doing.
  9. You do you. __________ My personal opinion is that the name should be changed to Prime Chamber. This allows it to avoid being confused with Primed mods.
  10. Warframe is built on a history of blatant neglect.
  11. DE has already proven they can be pointlessly stubborn for years. Just look at how long it took them to fulfill their promise of making Primed Chamber available outside of the event.
  12. Venting is fine but it's more fun when they get proven wrong by an update that happened over 2 years ago.
  13. To be fair, by not picking a side you can argue both ways. So you are probably the only person in this thread that is capable of arguing with everyone.
  14. And where does this impenetrable defense need to be used? EDIT: The joke is that Frost needs his Snow Globe to survive not to protect the objective. Bad Limbo players use Cataclysm for the same reason. Gara has enough defense with Splinter Storm, so Mass Vitrify is only needed to refresh the duration and to cause a massive stacking AoE. None of these are used to defend except in very specific situations, such as 1+ hour kuva survival missions or long excavation runs (and you want them very small in this case).
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