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  1. @[DE]Danielle Can we just be done with the ability menu shortcuts and allow us to fully map the ability menu instead? I personally prefer to have my abilities on the dpad so that I can aim (right analog) while using tap/hold abilities. Forcing us to place the abilities on the face buttons and burying them in a quick menu requires additional inputs that are not necessary. I'd rather assign non-essential inputs in the ability menu like consumables, shoulder swap, place marker, etc. And for the record, I still haven't been able to access the Tactical menu in Railjack as you make it require using the dpad in the ability menu (which I do not use), unless I want to give up another input entirely. Why can't I access it from the options or using the consumable menu? Please have someone at DE give controllers the love they deserve. It was bad enough when you unified the UI and made everything take longer with a controller. At least let us assign commands to the inputs we want (and make the PS4 touchpad fully mappable too).
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