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  1. And they didn't fix the common Scintillant drop rates in bounties. So basically this just screws consoles for another week or two.
  2. Seriously, we are running out of inputs that we can assign. It's bad enough that those of us that don't use the ability menu can't fish or hunt and you have left it like this for months. What we need is the option to fully remap the ability menu inputs. Let us assign commands other than Warframe powers to the face buttons and let us assign more than 3 things to the d-pad. Imagine having gear hotkeys assigned here, or even the Gear menu itself. This would also give us places to assign non-essential commands like placing markers and shoulder swap. It's basically 8 inputs that are being
  3. @Dalawantahr Nekros has a CC that can be spammed? Please enlighten us.
  4. Warframe is truly free-to-play but when you just start out it can seem daunting. As a player that has been playing for 6 months I can acquire anything I want for free rather quickly. Yes, there is some RNG involved but I have enough platinum saved to avoid the grind if I want, or can continue to grind and trade to earn even more platinum. Saying that Warframe is pay-to-play only means that you are very new to the game and do not understand where/how to farm. Better yet, if you join a clan you can get help from other players and even be given most non-material items for free (small credit t
  5. @JacobLittle The reason most players don't go past the extraction time for a survival alert is because it is the smart thing to do, not because they cannot do it. Seriously, there are much better places to farm than an alert mission where the only point is to collect a specific reward. Why tell a story about some idiot Volt that doesn't know any better? Are you trying to prove that even good players do dumb things?
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