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  1. Menus in the game as a whole, but especially all the new Railjack UI, have always been designed to look pleasing at the cost of usability. I understand that many people may enjoy minimalist menus, but if it makes everything a lot harder to interact with and understand, is it really worth it? For examples, having to mouse over anything to see what it is. Even having names below icons is a setting that's turned off by default, and that's the most you can provide yourself without mousing over one by one. There are just a lot of things that are awkward about using menus throughout the game. (One more small point that's somewhat related to the above is that turning on legacy colours should be done in the colouring screen of the appearance tab of whatever you choose to decorate, not in the main game settings) Another of my main gripes with the game at the moment is that some stances have hold for heavy attacks even though others have it on secondary fire. I usually run a combo-based build, during which I only ever heavy attack by accident because my 'e' key stayed down for slightly too long, depleting my combo bar completely for a benefit that isn't worth it even if I do hit an enemy - and I often have no enemy hit as well. I don't know why it isn't just always on secondary fire. I'm aware this has already been mentioned in another comment, I just wanted to reiterate it as it is a major issue with my gameplay experience, and likely many other melee users too.
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