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  1. hi everyone, first of all im sorry for my english, i know is not perfect but I hope this is understandable and i'll try my best to make it understandable. So, how can i start this? i don't know if i have to get to the point slowly or just say it and enought is a lot of time that im thinking about saying it to someone outside me and my family, and after a couple of months of thinking and ...(you'll see it later), i have this feeling that i can't take it anymore and can't keep it to myselft only. I sorry in advise if i'll use some "strong" words, this is a bit of a vent (no bad words/swearing dont worry, but maybe are a bit strong for someone easly impressing). so...6 moths ago i found a lump in my breast, that became really big (i cant post my radiograph obviously XD but immagine about a little cherry that then become a big walnut in a really short time) well if you are thinking about THAT....yeah i saw 4 doctors (and you can immagine where im going for), 3 of them said "naaa it's nothing" or "you are just overreacting" or " that is not THAT, dont think about it, are just your hormones" in a really COLD and I dont care manner, you know like some reddit post about very INTELLIGENT and CARING doctors, but then i went to the 4° doctor that hugged me...ya he HUGGED me, never saw a doctor doing that, and said "honey dont worry, talk to me". after visiting me he said that he did not agree with the prewious doctors and i had to insist that it IS something. so now after "talking loudly" to doctors and my parents and after a lot of exams, well its THAT (sorry for saying THAT instead of the name but i dont wanna say it is a really scary word) but on a positive note is not malicious for NOW, but is a kind that can change at any moment, soooooooooooo ya... the 19° i'll remove it and make some more exams on it, but even if they remove it that will not be the end of the "fight", i have a lot more of those, very little but in that area there , that have to be constantly look up for sudden changes. i did it for letting you know about the situation, maybe is not something interesting or something relevant about the game but is somethingi had to say. obviously someone is thinking "well ok...why did you tell me that" or "those are your own business i didn't want to know that " and is totally fine i did ask myself those questions too. I just had to say it. thank you Warframe for being there before and now that i need to concentrate about something else a part from fear and the all situation. wish me good luck :) oh you know what? i almost forgot about 1 "LITTLE, INSIGNIFICANT" thing... the first 3 doctors were "breast specialists" (google translate say that mammalogy is the word but it does not sound right to me XD) and try to guess what the 4° doctors studied, come on go for it, you will never guess it in a million of years... *angry part* sorry, hope it was not too aggressive well, feeling a bit better now...sorry again i'll let you update tldr: found lump, stupid doctors "its nothing", a real doctor (to me) said "no it is something" and boom he's probably right.
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