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  1. UseNet

    Fan concept: Artist-themed warframe

    Kinda reminds me of Brauner from Castlevania. I like the idea.
  2. UseNet

    Account migration

    I'm sure DE would be able to do so easily too. But console manufacturers rarely like to work together. Look at it from Nintendo's perspective. If you were Nintendo, would you allow a player of a game on your console to migrate to an opposing console and lose potential money?
  3. UseNet

    Can we get an auto unstuck button?

    idk if Switch has USB inputs, but maybe try plugging a keyboard in if you can. Xbox 360 had USB keyboard compatibility for its messaging system. Having a keyboard plugged in would make typing /unstuck easier. Just a thought.
  4. UseNet

    Nikana zaw.exe has stopped working?

    Good that you clarified, cause i thought the bug was being in windowed mode for a sec there.
  5. UseNet


    Oh i'd love to help but i can't. your title (FREEZE) was useless, your thread initial comment (FREEZES WHEN I JUMP LOW END PC MANGED TO FIX IT A BIT BUT STILL HAPPENS) was useless, and barely english. 4 gag of RAM, and how much Vram does your GPU have? Or are you using an onboard GPU? Either way 4 gag of ram is insufficient.
  6. UseNet

    Nidus needs a buff

  7. Y u necro a babyrage thread tho?
  8. UseNet

    Banned for violating EULA

    *points and laughs in Tyl Regor*
  9. UseNet

    Super Hard Fun Happy Difficulty.

    No hud just seems like a bad idea. Perma rad proc is inviting trolls to repeatedly kill teammates and ruin missions. At least from a pub queue standpoint.
  10. This seems like a useful QoL feature. I i read it correctly, it would save me from having to screencap each build on a warframe/weapon prior to forma'ing.
  11. Or, instead of DE devs wasting their time with something that doesn't need fixing. You could either not take a self damaging weapon, or be more careful about firing it so you don't kill yourself.
  12. UseNet

    Fortuna using 100% hard disk

    A: you have no dedicated GPU. B: you have insufficient RAM. I'm betting that windows is slamming your HDD with page file use leading to 100% HDD use. A SSD will help here, but not advised to use the SSD as primary because using an SSD as page file will reduce the life span of it significantly. I'd recommend you get a dedicated GPU and more RAM. That will take the pressure off your HDD.
  13. UseNet

    Elite Sanctuary Onslaught Leaderboard list 12 instead of 10

    only the people in the top ten would care.
  14. UseNet

    I can't believe this kid :D

    I guess they don't teach paragraph structure in schools these days.