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  1. its not that my engineer dies or goes down alot i just want a big ugly bundle O kuva on my ship, it would show the fools who raid my RJ that this tenno made an immortal monster bow down. Plus its been proven(may or may not be CAP) that they are a big good luck charm.
  2. When i was lookin at the command intrinsics a little ago i saw the unusual crewmates thing for getting to rank 8. After seeing that i thought to myself that i could use that because the one peep i have walkin around, id much rather not have to watch my little non tenno ignore getting shot in the back while trying to put out a fire that i never notice. I need a stronger non tenno that can guard her and most likely fail tryin. So would i be crazy for askin for a 4th slot specifically for a big ugly bundle O kuva?😙
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