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  1. - How its damage is split -Its crit and status chance -Its firerate and fire mode (or attack speed for melee) -Diminution if applicable Then some test to see its recoil, max ammo and how it is "for real". There are exceptions but, most of the time, I build on weapons strenghts and add confort mods only when some default make a weapons unpleasant or "unusable" (for example : less recoil on a soma is mandatory for me)
  2. Only very specific Mod could be shown while having no effect on the weapons/WF/companion you are modding. The one which come to my mind is for AOE rifle (I miss its name -> Firestorm, thanks to MqToasty ;) ) but is show also for "normal" rifles, bullet speed mod also appear even for weapons without Diminution stat (It's called Diminution in english?). I think mod to silent your weapons could appear on already silent ones. So, as a general rule : if a mod is show, it give some benefit and is applicable.
  3. I agree with others Tennos, this bug could be a miss during last huge weapons rework. DE may have choose Bo and Tipedo new MR without a close look on crafting composants, only stats. As @Dark_Lugia as suggested, you should post about it on feedback.
  4. You can reassign your crewmates at anytime, from tactical view.
  5. Damn true. I apologize for my last comment.
  6. Just play Earth and Venus if you want to feel Powerful. It sound stupid, isn't it?
  7. Hello, The console with annoncements and community should have a height limit (and a scrolling bar when it's full). Today i saw an annonce about the end of intermission but I wasn't able to click on it because it's out of my screen. The way we are supposed to thanks for Blessing don't work when we are in a menu where 'triangle' is in use (I suppose, I had only two occasions to thanks while in a menu, both in navigation) The menu take priority on thanks. Maybe it's not a perfect solution but I think it should work in the other way (-> We can't choose to play solo/online/etc while the option to thanks is on screen) PS I'm on PS4, I don't know if this happen on other platforms.
  8. Damn true! Damn true too! More seriously. I think DE want to make deep change (and have done many. the 29th something update, armour scaling, and such) but, in their playerbase, there is too many different expectations. (Some want old fashioned WF comeback (I m guilty) some want more mobs everywhere, some want clever ennemies, some ask to grind as fast as possible, some ask for stories, etc.) They want to make everyone happy but we, the player, cry everytime one of our favorite toy get touch... So they can't broke and rebuild as needed, they must change brick per brick to limit the crisis.
  9. +1 High MR have become more an early objective than a result of trying weapons, frames, etc.
  10. It was the case if I m not wrong. I think it was, on weapons kill, 50% go to your warframe and 50% were split between your weapons.
  11. I'm not a programmer. Which part is undoable? It's impossible to add one stat by player account? It's impossible to add a drop down menu to specify a duration? It's impossible to calculate a criterion with one player stat and one player's choice? It's impossible to give priority to some connections over other on a calculated criterion?
  12. May a preference for matchmaking could help? With a "promises" rating? Preferences let us set an optionnal duration we want to play (x waves, x minutes, etc), squad are create with players who have set same preferences first, then with random. "Promises rating" degrade if we don't achieve our goals. Maybe on proportion (You want to do 20 waves, you do 15 it decrease a bit. You say 50 and do 5, you get a harsh hit on your rank). Bad rating resulting in forced low Preferences (Someone with really low rating can put anything as a goal but is match with low preferences until he get a better rating).
  13. Dera Vandal was awarded on PS4 because of how Tubemen event end. Know we have Karak Wraith , PC and Xbox got Dera V ; as far as I know, nobody complain about it. And they're Invasions rewards on every platform now. We still have to play often and regularly to get them (when I got a Riven for Karak, to get the final part I had to wait for months), but at least it's possible for every one. For me, Sigil and exclusive profile score are enough on the long run ; event weapons should be (after some time) released to all players. For example, one year after an event, if this event is not going to happen again, DE should give opportunies to get its weapons.
  14. You can't get the free sigil from them with negative rank? (In the offers)
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