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  1. what does this mean to a noob player like me who can't build anything because im dumb as #*!%?
  2. hi! Does anyone know where i can find this img only with the warframe? The img used in this year's pride's lgbt celebration
  3. could anyone send me the link where they are going to post please?
  4. So, I saw that Baro Ki'teer comeback, then I saw this item, but in game it doest show to me to buy, it is a bug??
  5. Hi. My 1'st warframe was Volt, them Volt Prime, and i love him, his style is simple yet really usefull in everything i try to do. then i started to play with other, such as Titania, she's also nice and sinple enough that i understand what im doing, Mesa also was really nice to play. The problem started when i tried to learn how to play with Sevagoth, Nekros (I love the character but i don't play with him), and then the trully annoying ones to play with, like Octavia, i can't comprehend HOW to play with this, same goes to Styanax. I tried watching vids about it, how to play, but i can't understand. Could anyone help me? also, please: what warframe would be nice to buy? second question: does warframe have a Cannon weapon? like, a weapon that shoots missiles? I tried to get the ignis but i don't have maestry enough :(
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