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  1. Better idea - replace the alt fire entirely instead of a boring underslung grenade launcher, give it an orokin energy lash or something, that snares an enemy and drags them over for some one-on-one makeout time with the gun barrel This would make the gun the absolute perfect solution for the following nodes: -Knee-Deep in the Derelict -The Shores of Cetus -Sol Gate -Thy Flesh Infested -Tau on Earth -No Rest for the Critting Crit and slash, tenno, until it is done.
  2. For what it's worth, I still use the Braton Prime My Umbra loadout has that, the Lex Prime (since I can't get the LatoP), and a Prisma Skana (since I can't get the SkanaP) - just for nostalgia sake. And you know what? If you know what you're doing, you can still kick ass and take names with it - it's honestly pretty fun
  3. Honestly, this actually makes me pretty sad. Those animations were badass, and I do feel like this made the Liches feel more like an actual credible threat. I definitely agree that being an instakill that can't be revived from by a teammate was going pretty overboard and I do feel like that needs to change, but, perhaps ripping the system out wholesale is something of an overcorrection? Personally, I would very much like an options menu setting (off by default, so folk like Rhaetalius won't jump all over it) allowing you to opt in for 'Kuva Demiliches', which would just re-enable the failure states - maybe even make them a little harder/smarter. This time though, instead of just being an unreviveable instakill, perhaps the awesome animation doing something like 35-50% of your hp as true damage would suffice - and then have us do a 'getting back up' animation that gives the lich time to quip about requiems and run away This way, the sweet animations can stay in the game, liches can still feel like they could kick your ass, and no one is getting instagibbed just for having the gall to not be lucky with their parazon choices
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