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  1. Man, all I ordered was a shirt, and it's already bleedin' September with no word on the order whatsoever So much for early to mid August
  2. Absolutely this. For example, Cohhcarnage uses his ingame friends list to randomize which community members he'll be playing with, and as such he accepts any and all friend requests - and I recall him specifically praising Warframe for having no cap on them Perhaps making friend slots purchaseable would help ameliorate this issue? Or you could specifically uncap the lists of Warframe partners and warlords of full moon clans
  3. So, I see that last month a lot of people seemed to get booted for kick-baiting other users into triggering the bot - my question, I suppose, is then 'what happens to the poor saps that get baited?' I recently (yesterday) got absolutely jebaited by a user who I won't name here but can provide the name to staff members if requested, asking if anyone could help him get banned from region chat. The benefit of hindsight makes it fairly obvious that they were a bad-faith actor just trying to bait idiots like me into banning ourselves, but in the moment I was just trying to help out someone who I assumed was just trying to temporarily avoid distraction while questing or something, so I @'d them with a means to trigger the bot, and in doing so fell right into their t- ...*consults thesaurus* ...ambuscade. I suppose at this point, I'm just left to wonder how long I'm suspended for (since there's no clear indication in the suspension message) and how I'm supposed to run my clan in the meantime (since ALL chat is disabled and I'm the founding warlord - it's not a big clan admittedly, but still). I'm definitely not going to complain that I GOT kicked - even though I was acting in good faith, I still fell for it like an idiot, so fair enough - but I do really feel the need to echo other users calling for an increased clarity in the chat suspension process. Things like the amount of time the suspension is for, the reason for the suspension, and possibly even an option to still be able to PM moderators in the event that the bot kicks you for something undeserved, like saying "After some testing in the simulacrum, I found that Nezha's passive slide makes it easier to throw out Simaris' kinetic siphon traps really far". To any staff reading this, thank you for your time and consideration- - @DaraSilverDragon
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