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  1. Ok, so this is what Id like to do, but do you have any idea how much I need to rank up my rime rounds and malignant force? with both at rank 0 viral is pretty low compared to the slash and heat. I know I can experiment but dont want to risk using my last two rank 0 mods. Maybe I just need to get more...
  2. Ok, that helps, thank you! So if if I want a weapon to evenly stack Viral and Slash, which I believe is the point of the flux rifle, I just want viral barely above slash? What about heat on this? Should I just get rid of it altogether?
  3. Thanks for the response. I dont know why he said he didnt need more than 10 viral procs in the video either, but in any case, I think the idea was to get the viral and slash number relatively close, which I dont understand why. With all my other weapons I just load up viral so its way higher than anything else, and I dont know if I thats the right thing to do or not.
  4. Can someone help me understand how and why I would use rank 0 60/60 mods? Specifically for viral procs. I have a Tenet Flux rifle and I want to get the best build I can out of it, and I was watching a Leyzar video where he has a build using a rank 0 Rime Rounds mod to get his viral number just slightly above the slash number, and he said something about only wanting 10 viral procs, which I don't really understand. And heres my dilemma, I have a heat flux, whereas Leyzar had a viral. Heat seemed the best for the Kuva weapons, and then adding viral on top, so I just went with that with the flux. So to get the viral, I am using Rime Rounds and Malignant Force, both rank 0 but it makes the viral number well below slash and heat. So I think I may need to rank up one or the other, I just dont know how much, and I dont want to ruin my last two available rime rounds and malignant. Or maybe I just need to make my Flux rifle toxic? Thanks for the help in advance!
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