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  1. I tried to capture an Eidolon Teralyst and this my first time. I hacked and charged 2 eidolon lures then proceeded to destroy the 2 lower limbs and then the Teralyst disappeared, My clanmates say I was supposed to destroy all four limbs but I only destroyed 2, They say that the Teralyst teleported but having a charged lure would prevent it from teleporting right? Can anyone tell me what happened? Also, best warframe for baby eidolon hunters?
  2. I am currently building voidrig and I was digging in the forums for a good place to farm, However it seems like the affinity gaining system is busted on necramechs as I read old forum posts. Is it fixed now?
  3. In steel path, Resource and Mod drop chance are increase by a 100% chance right. How does this apply? Does one enemy drop multiple items? Will this help me get War Blueprint?
  4. One day, I was getting bored of warframe and I thought to myself "I should have a goal" and so I'm here farming platinum for Hunhow's Gift. Is it worth buying?
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