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  1. TL:DR: Swing & a miss 1. too much grind, RNG and tedium for too little reward vs time spent (changes will make this WORSE). 2. This set of changes is a guarantee me and my mates will never touch the mode again no matter the rewards. 3. Growing concern Warframe has moved into creating tedious grind for the sake of drawing out player play time, as opposed to reasonable grind as a means to an end (Ephemera, Aura forma, Riven rerolling etc). Issues (2 original mode ones, 3 from these changes): Reward rotation time: Time is a premium for most older players; add in rewards being mostly Endo A: 90.5% B: 88% & C 81.5%? Other ways of getting it faster PLUS other rewards. Host migration. I get why (it'd be horrific for DE to host every instance across 4 platforms) but still. Long rewards game mode, risking losing everything if host drops? No ta. Increased scaling. The draw was repeated rotation C....for a lot of people, the scaling means either toxicity for failure, or not even getting there. Aura forma - given how much aura choice can be restricted by builds or vice versa, sticking a super low % drop super useful item behind such a time consuming mode? No. Not rewarding that. This seriously isn't cool. Getting crippled to revive people - combined with the extra scaling this is going to be miserable. Sorry DE, really enjoy Warframe and appreciate DE's approach as a company (esp given the industry as a whole atm), but as a long time player after slowly hunting down most weapons/frames/pets etc? the majority of things I'm left with are all super low drop %, high plat cost alternative or with no other way of getting them (Hate, normal Detron, new fist weapon - at least Lato Vandal parts etc are tradable if expensive!). Add in the removal of casual alerts (they were useful for quickly hopping on and having a 1 shot random something to hop onto), and gating new frame/weapon build improvements behind ever increasing RNG? If you keep this route, you're going to bleed all but the most hardcore older players as they feel their time isn't being respected, and new player retention will suck as layered systems are so numerous and convoluted and poorly explained in game without a Veteran to help on top of also feeling their time isn't respected.
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