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  1. still no fix to being unable to swap polarities on my moa companion :S, you even told me that the past hotfix fixed that even when the patchnotes didnt mention anything about that and the problem still exist.
  2. still no fix for the moa's swap polarity bug
  3. still no fix for the problems with Moa swap polarity option 😞
  4. so far i think only murklay counts as rare fish and i think there is other fish that counts as rare not sure of the name
  5. nothing about moa compantions being unable to swap polarities after using a forma?
  6. its already confirmed that you only get 1 of them
  7. seems like modular stuff is with problems, i can swap around polarities on my frames no problem but not on my moa this is kinda annoying since the slot order is the priority of skills
  8. i am having trouble using the Swap Polarity on my moa, everytime i try it it gives me an error
  9. same here i could forma my moa but gives me the same error when i try to swap polarities around
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