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  1. What's your argument based off? Have you ever played with Nekros smite infused the shadows and going against enemies weak to radiation or using Nourish on shadows to fight against humanoid corpus or even tried the mess up boring jumpy-jumpy playstyle of the residual arcanes? Even if you have done any of the above, I have to say that you're completely wrong and have no idea what you're implying - trolling maybe? Not funny at all. Damage adaptation is exactly what is lacking for them being useful. Unless you enjoy having your build restricted into using 2x kitguns all the time and doing jumpy-jumpy into colourful circles (arcane procs).
  2. Everyone already knows Nekros' shadows are almost totally useless without augment and do no good to a Necromancer concept. Many new players falls into deep deception after casting it. They live not long enough, do minimal damage, has bad AI and over all will just spend large amounts of energy for idling around distracting some enemies at best. Nekros is already a very expensive frame to make a good build with (adaptation, health conversion, shield of shadows, despoil, blind rage maxed, etc) . Most of new players can't afford beyond a simple loot build. But when things get rough and they think: "Oh I will cast my ultimate! My minions will surely support me because that's what 99% of all necromancers' does! :D". They end up dead and dissapointed after 30 seconds. So simply buff Shadows' damage in a way that they will adapt to enemies' weakness similar to how Baruuk's Reactive Storm works. This will solve 50% of Nekros' flawed kit. Impossible to make? No. Hard to do? Probably not. It all depends of the designers good will of listening to the players feedback.
  3. So a while ago when researching ways to improve Nekros and create a rework concept for him, I came across this GREAT little story created by reddit user: drizzitdude This is just too awesome to go unoticed. In my opinion it should implemented as the official Nekros Leverian. Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/3wwtmw/loreframe_nekros_prime_codex_entry/ Codex Entry: Nekros Prime I stared out in awe as the creature before me cut down another sentient with lethal precision, he battered away our foes like they were flies, nothing more to him than a nuisance. I was one of the few at the battle who has seen a tenno operate before, but never like this. There was no lightning fast dance of blades, no aerial acrobatics or shots fired with super human precision, this monster was slow. methodical, calculating. Its scythe cut swathes through the enemy lines, and it loomed over the battlefield like a black and gold reaper, waiting hungrily for its next soul. Enemies prioritized him of course, why wouldn't they? Where all of our weapons had been ineffective, this solitary Tenno had cut them down without mercy. Not once did the tenno flinch at the oncoming fire. In form it appeared to be fragile.; its clothing (if it could even be called that) tattered, its body decrepit and malnourished in appearance, but enemy fire seemed to glance off of it without fail. It was as if the creature was on an entirely different plane of existence from the rest of us mortals, unable to be touched by anything of this world. It approached the enemy slowly, and with a sudden movement its fist lashed out, burying itself in the chest of the sentinel, there was a short delay before the inevitable explosion erupted from the enemies back, a bubbling, necrotic substance emanating from the gaping wound; another corpse was added to pile wrought from our savior. But there were so many more, aside from the remnants of our squad the Tenno was alone, a force of nature facing an oncoming onslaught. Though few believed it the Tenno were not immortal, these monsters we called gods could be beaten, could be killed and it felt as if this battle would mark the first and last time I would see one our golden saviors fall. Yet the creature still remained calm, not a hint of fear in its form as it continued to take fire from the sentient weapons, not a waver as it quietly raised its arm to the sky. With a wave of its hands the air seemed to grow still, colder even, and he lights of the room quickly dimmed as necrotic energy flew through its open palms, splitting and combining breifly in the air before rushing outwards across the battlefield. A sense of dread enveloped me to my very core, my heart felt as if it has ceased in my chest even before I saw the result. At first, it appeared as if nothing had happened, like the display was all for show, a fear tactic of some sort, but my unease was quickly warranted when corpses of the enemy began to move again, raising from precisely where they had fallen minutes earlier. The necrotic substance that had once eaten at the body was now stitching it together, holding it up like a marionette on a string. My few remaining men lowered their weapon to the resurrected foes, but the recently slain paid them no head as they turned their owns devasting weapons on their former kin and opened fire. There is truly no limit to our saviors, these golden monsters we call gods hold more power than anyone could have ever hoped to achieve and though their methods are brutal, efficient and go against the natural order of all I have believed in, the Orokin are truly blessed to not have them as an enemy, less I fear all we swore to protect were crumble in minutes.
  4. When the soul punch new mechanic came out I thought to myself if they even play with Nekros. Because of implementing a totally useless mechanic just to do it like in his prime trailer is far away from what Nekros really needs. And it only took almost 8 years for that. I'm not coming back to Warframe untill DE realizes how flawed nekros is and fix him good.
  5. The only reason people use smeeta is the same as why people use Nekros: LOOT.
  6. Create new weapons with dark, gloomy themes and mechanics. They may even be a separated weapon class, such as: Entrati guns, Infested guns, Corpus... The focus of these new weapon types would be of what Nekros is supposed to do but at a lesser degree. Examples: Weapon 1 > Nekrotyzed Tissue Reanimator: A Speargun that when throw creates an area of darkness that stuns enemies in place and reanimates anything that dies within. (every single piece of cut corpses will turn into some kind of ally). Their lifespan duration will be reduced as far as they go away from the area of darkness; these "shadow spawns" will look totally different from nekros' shadows and they will be infested melee attackers only. (just similar to the shadows that appearrs on Chains of Harrow quest). Weapon 2 > Tormenter: A beltfed automatic shotgun loaded with "panic induced rounds" that will scatter away enemies in fear everytime you reload, holster or kill your first target with it. ^ I know the picture shows a pump action or semi auto but just imagine a large box with a shotgun shells belt underneath the big barrel, where the knife and feed tube is. Weapon 3 > Essence Exploiter: An oversized, very powerful 6 shot revolver that will absorb souls on each kill with a maximum of 6. Secondary fire will release "soul projectiles" that deals TRUE damage. Weapon 4 > Slicer: A claw like weapon that can be thrown (secondary fire mode will throw it like a glaive) with 100% chance of dismembering what it kills. Increases damage for each dismemberment done on each thrown. Damage buff resets after each thrown, so be sure to throw it at cluster of enemies!
  7. Your comment is really good. Perhaps make it a Post?
  8. As a Nekros main I personally hate these arcanes. Not only they get bugged sometimes but because it has a very annoying and restrictive mechanic in order to proc. I don't want to use 2 kitguns and limit my gameplay into jumping in the arcanes element cicles in order to make my shadows do what they were supposed to do by themselves (vanilla) - no augment mod...
  9. As a Nekros main I personally hate these arcanes. Not only they get bugged sometimes but because it has a very annoying and restrictive mechanic in order to proc. I don't want to use 2 kitguns and limit my gameplay into jumping in the arcanes element cicles in order to make my shadows do what they were supposed to do by themselves (vanilla) - no augment mod...
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