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  1. Title. When summoning a necramech in a public squad, everything is fine when you use it in the mission, but then when you exit your mech, enter the gate, then extract, the game throws you outside of the gate where plains has stopped rendering and puts you into an infinite loading screen. This might also be caused by the above things, but having at least one player not inside the gate where the game pulls them in. I'm pretty sure it's due to a player not being in the gate, and I think it tries to pull you back into your necramech, but since you can't put him in the gate, nor enter as a warf
  2. Had this happen a lot to me today, needs to be fixed ASAP.
  3. Hello! I've been working on Zaw building recently and have run into a situation. Me and my friend both recently grabbed rivens for the Plague Kripath, but we're not sure what the best way to go on them all. In particular, I'm unsure on if crit or status is better for the weapon. I heard for a while that crit is the best way to go, and then hybrid is the best way to go for others. I currently have two kripath builds since I wanted to test it as a polearm and a rapier. For my polearm, I've got Vargeet II Ruhang, Seekalla, and the kripath strike. When testing this, it seemed... immensely ineffect
  4. My friend experienced a similar issue. He had recently moved back to his parents home, but we couldn't connect for some reason. The solution we found was that his router wasn't compatible with IPV6, and instead just ran IPV4. Try going to your settings, then to the chat settings tab, then if IPV6 is on, tell your friend to turn it off if he can't connect to you. Alternatively, if you're experiencing this issue then you can try turning it off as well. It may require a game restart after that. If that doesn't work, try toggling some setting that deal with your network in gameplay settings and
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