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  1. Well also wasn't the last decision in The Sacrifice? Obviously they haven't done anything with it yet but if they were going to it would likely be with the next major quest
  2. I'm pretty sure they're not done with the Orb Vallis yet. I think Emperyean will be involved, including the final Orb.
  3. It's like a bubble around you. It's up while you are in void mode. It doesn't have health or anything. Just an impenetrable bubble while you are in void mode
  4. While I do think you are mistaken about the overwhelmingly negative feedback (it is likely DE has a better scope on the whole situation than any of us), you are definitely correct that continuing to voice opinions can help with development.
  5. Hordes of people demand competitive stuff like leaderboards for every single event. They're just doing their best to make everyone happy, even though its impossible
  6. It probably won't be today cause they weren't in yesterday. Unless they're feeling crazy.
  7. That would be very sneaky of them. I still think its just the Ropalolyst and the fight happens to involve post-Chimera info in the dialogue or something. It is exciting either way though because it is technically story progression.
  8. There were so many easier ways to fix it that could have happened before everyone ended up a week behind though. I know they wanted to fix the core problem but they could have done that and made it able to be completed. And some better communication on it would have been very nice to see.
  9. Yeah, it happens a lot. I never saw anything about it being last week though. And they never said "We are definitely releasing this week." or anything like that. The most definitive was "should release this week". That was the plan but they didn't have the time. I like it better than other games like Destiny 2 where it takes them 3 weeks to fix a known progression bug and we don't hear anything about it for two weeks
  10. Terrible bet. The update is practically ready but it takes so long to build and they don't want to release on a Friday. It's totally next week
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