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  1. Actually it doesn't have to be that quick on the kills. The reset at 50% is part of the phase. It happens a few times before you can finish that part
  2. I think you can do team, its like an event fight that should be around when the Thermia Fractures are. I think solo is pretty easy though so I haven't checked
  3. I think they already did cause its gone up more in the last day than it has since the start. Kinda like when they made it so the relays couldn't be blown up at a certain point
  4. Just curious but why do you want to "switch to melee"? As far as I can tell, if you want to melee then you hit melee. If you want to shoot then you shoot..
  5. That is bizarre, my controller seems to have changed correctly
  6. I'm pretty sure the issue is Revenant BP not being rewarded (or something similar) so that's not really a release situation..
  7. Not a cinematic quest. Still a quest in my books, like Limbo Theorem or whatever Mirage's was.. I mean, we'll see eventually but that's what I thought.
  8. 2 pm EST. So an hour ago. Just what they prefer, but they also prefer Wednesday so
  9. I'm confident it will be today.. I'm just surprised when it wasn't dropped on the usual time. Probably a really nasty bug for quest progression or something more fatal cause they really want to release it now
  10. With how long this releasing is taking today, you never know.. Just kidding but dying over cause I got an important dinner in 3 hours and I wanna see that red text soon Dx
  11. It's usually progression breaking in quests and well we got a quest so probably that.
  12. Oh maybe they're just waiting for night to end cause Eidoloon hunterinos
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