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  1. Ykw I kept excal and he's my most used frame now, 70% or something, only a few nodes left on the star chart now and got the umbra. he's been an incredible frame, I agree not the most optimal but he's been most reliable frame, especially with his exalted blade which I could rely on whenever my weapons failed(the exalted blade is a beast against the sentinels), well now it seems he can't keep up anymore (i'll try getting chromatic blade or something to buff him). Didn't even use wukong that much, he's too good of a frame to be used, lol i use ivara in spy instead of wukong.
  2. I think I'll get Octavia or vauban, and keep frost, haven't been using him as much i should been. But Octavia and vauban seem quite good in aoe, or soloing.
  3. So have been looking for defense frames, currently have frost and recently procured nyx. Frost is good for the defense part, but he lacks the cc, nyx seems good with her chaos, but I heard she not the meta anymore?(Got her after reading a reddit post which turned out to be from 2016) So, which is the best defense warframe? Edit: I don't disagree that frost has cc, however it's range seems lacking compared to something like Gara or even nyx but he's a solid frame for sure.
  4. So I ended up getting an additional slot and getting wukong, imo it's a good frame but not as fun, the immortal techniques make it less fun, actually never used it in spy-will try that. Thank you guys for the replies!
  5. So I was thinking if I should replace my starting excalibur with wukong as wukong's abilities seem more useful than excalibur's abilities.
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