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  1. Care to list examples or we should just take your word for it?
  2. Honestly, the hour long kuva surv with a friend was the most fun mission I played in a while. Im kinda looking forward to something like "finish wave 12 in elite sanctuary onslaught"
  3. I really dont see how this re-imagination is supposed to be better when you consider that goal in particular you set for yourself. I mean, you essentially removed her ability follow up on bullet jumps, maneuver in the air and replaced it with....sprint speed buffs? Why? If anything, the new movement system made players spend more time in the air and less time running on the ground. That said, wouldnt it be more elegant to move it into warcry? Lets say, mark enemies with warcry (in the same way as it applies slow to them now) and gain movement speed via melee kills on marked enemies? Having to furiously keep killing more and more enemies just to maintain the rush of constantly increasing parkour velocity just to avoid slowing down is exactly what I expect from a berserker gameplay. I would personally prefer ripline kept, but added charge option to it like ember has on her fireball. Uncharged ripline would treat enemies as walls and would be useful purely for movement, while charged ripline would pull them instead. (Maybe rip apart enemies vulnerable to finishers for quick lifesteal without going into hysteria? Put "rip" into "ripline"? Paralysis + Ripline could be a cool combo)
  4. How will melee 3.0 affect valkyrs hysteria and other melee exalted weapons? We heard about building up combos and spending them via heavy attacks, but will we be able to spend combo meter while holding a gun? How about while dual wielding gun and blade? Will we be able to block while using gun and blade? How about adding stance melee moves to quick melee? When will we be able to switch stances on Dark Split-sword whenever we want during a mission?
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