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  1. Cant get cyst on the same frame twice. Maybe you cured it in the past? New frame should be able to get it.
  2. This. Also Sanctuary Onslaught which was originaly meant to encourage pushing forward but then they made rewards rotate back to A after 8 wave. People are encourared to leave, so they do. When some people leave, everybody leaves.
  3. no, you get mr points only for leveling him up the first time.
  4. However Excavation is. Thats about as dynamic with defense as you can get...unless you want to go all the way into Defection. I believe DE already tried most of the variants.
  5. ESO is the "race" mode mission where you need ripline if you want to go all 8 rounds as Valkyr. Getting to enemies faster lets you kill them faster. Same used to go for survivals as well, but DE made them far easier over the years. If you wish to spout fallacies like that, I would like to see you argue for usefullnes of most 1st abilities in those situations. Want to show us how to kill an Eidolon with Slash dash? Punch out a lich with Soul punch? What about the applications of Spectral Scream in fights againt Lephantis? Atleast I can argue that in all those situations ripline lets me move around faster than just bullet jumping/rolling does, which is hell a lot more than majority of 1st abilities do on higher levels.
  6. I think I said similar things about Hyenas and grineer ghouls in the past. Definitelly could show as regular enemies in greater numbers.
  7. Most developers when faced with screw ups rather say its intended behavior and let it burn. DE being able to rework entire systems so fast I always saw as positive.
  8. I would rather not click twice to have a single grenade detonation to begin with, but here we are. Good thing the old regular Corinth is still an option. The primed one has nothing in common with it except name.
  9. Thats literally what Warcry is for. Having an ability that increases melee dmg is fine. Having 4 of them is just terrible design. If you want to give her several buffs to melee, keep them in a single ability. Which still means that there is no reason to remove Ripline, especially if you dont understand why having some sort of target independent traversal ability is crucial to a melee warframe. That said, ripline IS a bit wonky and outright useless for pulling enemies. Updating the code and maybe making ripline work a bit more like super shotgun hook from Doom Eternal would be perfect.
  10. ok, 1st: Those are rookie numbers 2nd: I dont understand why is everybody so hellbent on removing Ripline and replacing it with Clawing/pouncing active abilities when you could literaly build those abilities into hysteria moveset. It would definitelly make hysteria more interesting.
  11. You can just press melee to block anything in front of you
  12. Could be Zanuka 2.0, this time a true amalgam of warframes...which we steal again.
  13. Jackrabbit frame, themed around parkour and bullet jumps.
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